Vietnam Travel Rules: The Do's and Don'ts  Travel

Vietnam Travel Rules: The Do's and Don'ts

Vietnam is a stunning destination with friendly and welcoming locals who are always willing to help you out. But before you land in Vietnam and have the time of your life it's important to remember that Vietnamese etiquette or rules might not be the same as your home country.

Whenever you visit a new country or interact with a new culture it’s always a good idea to learn a little bit about the culture in order to avoid any unwanted or embarrassing situation. With that said, you’ll have to keep in mind the following do’s and don’ts anytime you visit Vietnam.

Do’s when visiting Vietnam

Let’s take a look at the most important travel "Do’s" for Vietnam.

Do dress appropriately

Vietnam is a conservative country so dress modestly. Avoid wearing anything see-through or short. When visiting temples and pagodas your clothes should always cover your elbows and knees.

Do watch your belongings

Unfortunately, Vietnam has a problem with pickpockets and thieves who target tourists in crowded places. Always keep your bags and wallets safe especially in markets or tourist attractions. 

Tip: Carry a cross-body bag to keep your money and important documents safe.

Do ask before taking photos of locals

Respect the locals and ask permission before taking photos of them. Some of them might not be comfortable with you taking their photos. In a few tourist cities like Hoi An, locals will ask for money for taking photos so be prepared to pay. 

Do bargain before buying something

Bargaining is a huge part of everyday life in Vietnam. A lot of shops tend to overcharge tourists so be sure to haggle down the price to what you deem to be appropriate. But at the same time remember to be respectful when bargaining. Don't shout at the vendors and if they say no to your price move to another store.

Do try Vietnamese street food

One thing you should definitely do in Vietnam is to try street food. There’s the misconception that street food is unhealthy and might cause food poisoning but in Vietnam, it's in the streets where you’ll get the best food. You can go on a food tour to truly appreciate the street food if you’re not sure where to eat. 

Tip: Learn to use chopsticks and always place them across the top of your bowl after you’re done with your meal. 

Don’ts when visiting Vietnam

So now that you know the do’s when visiting Vietnam, let's take a look at some of the “Don’t” travel rules for Vietnam.

Don’t cross the road without looking

Vietnam is a bustling country with bad traffic and motorbikes that will rush past you without a care in the world. Always pay attention and check before crossing the road. If you’re still stuck then wait for a local and follow them.

Don’t show off your wealth

Wearing expensive clothes, jewelry, or expensive tech wear will make you stick out like a sore thumb and a prime target for thieves. Keep your clothes conservative and hide all your jewelry in your hotel safe or better yet don’t bring expensive jewelry or tech wear.

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Don’t break basic social etiquette rules

Avoid any misunderstanding by following basic social etiquette for travelers like removing shoes before entering a house, not touching someone else’s head, and pointing at someone or something. Also, avoid showing too much affection especially to the opposite sex. 

Don’t talk about politics

Do not talk about politics to the locals especially about the Vietnam War or The American War as it is called in Vietnam. It was a rough time for the Vietnamese and heavy topics like this are not to be mixed in with the conversation. But you can always read about the war to understand Vietnam’s dynamic history.

Don’t break the law

Taking photos of military installations, buying or using drugs, and soliciting prostitutes are a big ‘NO”. Vietnam has a strict law against all these infractions and breaking them will land you in jail.


Vietnam is a friendly and safe travel destination. If you follow these basic Vietnamese rules for tourists then you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself or the locals. 

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