Vietnam Travel Tip: 5 Things You Should Prepare for Your Vietnam trip Travel

Vietnam Travel Tip: 5 Things You Should Prepare for Your Vietnam trip

Vietnam is fast becoming one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in South East Asia and for good reason. The country is home to lush green mountains, picture-perfect rice fields, beaches, bustling cities, quaint river towns, and some of the most delicious street food you’ll ever taste.

For first-time travelers, Vietnam can be overwhelming. But if you prep well before you go off on your journey you’ll have nothing to fret about.

5 travel tips to prepare for your Vietnam trip

Before you set off on your Vietnam trip, you should go through our 5 Vietnam travel tips list and make sure you have everything prepared for your trip.

Prepare your visa in advance

Before you travel to Vietnam you’ll need to apply for a Vietnam visa in advance. There are visa exemptions but it applies to only 24 countries (you can check the list of exempted countries here). 

You can apply for a Vietnamese visa from the Vietnam embassy or consulate. It can also be done online through a travel agency which is usually the fastest and easiest way. You can apply for your Vietnam visa online with BDATrip.

Book a tour through a travel agency

Vietnam is a country with so many things to do that it can get confusing. In order to not get confused amidst all the chaos, it’s a good idea to have a rough itinerary in mind and book a tour through a travel agency. 

We all know travel agencies have a reputation of being expensive and not worth the money but in Vietnam, that’s the opposite. Booking a tour will provide you with more benefits for cheaper than having to run around by yourself figuring out how to get to the pagoda or citadel you wanted to see.

Read about the top 10 best things to do and places to visit in Vietnam to prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime.

Temple of literature in Hanoi

Get a good travel insurance

It’s always a good idea to get travel insurance before you travel to any other country. Vietnam is no exception. Getting sick, being involved in an accident, or even getting robbed is something no one wants especially if you are traveling to a different country.

Invest in good travel insurance that will protect you against any unfortunate incident that may happen. It will also help you save money.

Plan your budget and always carry cash

As any seasoned traveler knows, you will have to plan your budget well in advance. Figuring out how much your flight to Vietnam will cost, transportation within the country, accommodation, and food costs are all part and parcel of planning a trip.

Remember to carry in cash with you. Cash is king in Vietnam. You might not find ATMs everywhere, especially in more remote parts of Vietnam. Even though the official currency is the Vietnamese Dong, US dollars are accepted everywhere around the country. 

Prepare a proper packing list

Vietnam is a diverse country with many different landscapes which means it experiences different weather as well depending on where you are at the moment. Pack light summer clothes especially for Ho Chi Minh where the weather there can get pretty hot and humid. Proper shoes are a must for long walks or hikes. A lightweight raincoat for any rainy day you might encounter. Lastly, a jacket for Hanoi and the hilly areas since it can get chilly during winter. Also, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and bug spray, you’ll be needing a lot of it. 

Once you've gone through the above list and prepared, you're all set. All you have to do now is to enjoy your trip. Take your time to look at the sights and interact with the locals. After all, you're on a holiday.

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