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Japan is the most unique island nation in the world, where ancient cultural traditions naturally intersect with modern life and grow together.


Traditional Culture

On the surface, Japan is an extremely modern country that spawns a variety of technologies important to the world. But when you travel around the country of the rising sun, you will be amazed at the traditional Japanese cultures that have been preserved and preserved over the past thousand years. Overnight at a ryokan (Japanese media inn). Meditate with monks or learn how to mix matcha. From the splendor of a geisha dance in Kyoto to the liberal beauty of a Zen stone garden, Japan has the power to enchant even the most demanding visitors.



Wherever you are in Japan you can find a great dinner. Restaurants in Japan typically specialize in a single dish and they spend generations perfecting it to the artistic level and attentive to every stage, from sourcing the freshest ingredients to decorating the dish. sophisticated and beautiful. Maybe shushi is a must try when traveling here, Japanese shushi is famous all over the world. There is no reason why we should not try this dish when coming to its homeland. It's also seasonal, meaning you can come here at different times of the year and experience a whole new one from last time.


Outdoor activities

Japan is a stretched volcanic archipelago. You can easily find hot springs near the mountains here. During the warmer months you can have a great hike, through cedar forests and wild flower fields, to soaring peaks and ancient temples. In winter, all of this place is covered with snow and the skiing is probably world class. Meanwhile in the south, there are tropical beaches for sunbathing, swimming and coral diving.


Transportation in Japan

Japan has one of the most modern and excellent public transportation systems in the world. You can travel around Japan by train and bus only. Public transportation in the country of the rising sun is considered to be the best service in the world. The current shinkansen (bullet train) network runs from the southern tip of Kyūshū (the southernmost tip of Japan's major islands) to Hokkaidoaidō (its northernmost), and the rail lines are very affordable. Major cities have subway networks denoted in English and today we see and hear more English when we visit Japan.

Attractions in Japan

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