South Korea

South Korea

The Republic of Korea, or Korea for short, is a country known for its romantic landscapes and emotional love movies. The land of Kim Chi is extremely beautiful in all four seasons, and there are natural landscapes that captivate people wherever they go. Let's explore the Korean country with BDA Trip with oriental cultural features and enjoy delicious food and cuisine.

The Republic of Korea, or Korea for short, is a country known for its romantic landscapes and emotional love movies. The land of Kim Chi is extremely beautiful in all four seasons, and there are natural landscapes that captivate people wherever they go. Let's explore the Korean country with BDA Trip with oriental cultural features and enjoy delicious food and cuisine.

Long history and the division of South and North

Archaeological evidence shows that South Korea had humans living since the Old Stone Age. Korean history dates back to 2333 BC (Dan Quan period), then to the Three Kingdoms Korean period, through the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties. During World War II, Korea was divided into two countries, South Korea and North Korea, with two opposing ideologies.

Korea has many different names, the official English name is Republic of Korea, formerly translated in Vietnamese as "Republic of Korea" but later changed to the Republic of Korea as today. Korea also has a short name: South Korea, South Korea or South Korea. This is a republican country, bordered to the North by the People's Democratic Republic of Korea, across a military boundary at the 38 ° North parallel, to the East by the Sea of ​​Japan, to the West by the Yellow Sea. . The capital of South Korea is Seoul, also known as Seoul, the fourth largest urban center in the world and an important global city.

Korea is a developed country, with a very high standard of living and human development index, with a strongly developed economy. When you come to Korea, you will be overwhelmed between modern cities, skyscrapers or the highest frequency of labor.


70% of the country is mountainous

Korean territory extends over 100 thousand km2 from the East and south of Asia, the mountainous area accounts for more than 70% of the total area, Korea has become one of the countries with mountainous terrain. most in the world and also an ideal paradise for those who love adventure travel. Korea has mountains running along the coast, spreading throughout the peninsula, there are three large mountains: Taebaek, Sobaek and Jiri.

Volcanoes in Korea are relatively stable, rarely active volcanoes and no strong earthquakes. South Korea has no vast deltas, the lowlands are just the product of mountain erosion, an area of ​​about 30%. The most important delta is the Han River Delta with river basins such as Geum, Nakdong, Yeongsan and Honam. The longest river in Korea is the Nakdong River (521km). As a part of the monsoon climate, Korea has a temperate climate, 4 distinct seasons a year, winters are usually cold and dry, summers are hot and humid, spring and autumn are relatively comfortable. to travel to Korea at all times of the year.


Eastern social country

Korean society is a fairly traditional society, as a country of Eastern ceremonies, they consider themselves homogeneous. Humans have very strong prejudices and prejudices. They treat their old acquaintances very warmly and are hospitable, but they are often quite indifferent to strangers. In Korea people will worship scholars, they assume that the teachers, university lecturers or professors are all respectable people.


The land of Kim Chi and the rituals of eating and drinking

Korean cuisine is one of the most popular attractions for tourists all over the world. This country has a unique and delicate cuisine, but sometimes it is quite simple and simple. A journey to the land of Kim Chi, if you do not enjoy the famous dishes and explore the culinary culture of this country, it is not a perfect tour of Korea.

Certainly Kim Chi is Korea's most famous dish and there is not only one type of Kim Chi, but it has hundreds of different varieties, but the most popular is still pickled cabbage mixed with red chili. This is an indispensable dish in everyday meals as well as traditional Korean parties. Korean culinary culture also has many similarities with Vietnam, rice is considered the main food and is served with side dishes such as meat, soup, vegetables, ... The taste of Korean dishes. Made up of sophisticated spices, often soy sauce, garlic, scallions, sesame, sesame oil and red chili powder are indispensable spices.

Food is also seasonal. In the summer, people often eat cold noodles such as Naeng-myeon, Mkguksu, grilled eel meat, ice cream, bingsu, .. In the cooler autumn, there will be blue crab soup, sardines, Jumbo shrimp, ... Winter-spring-themed dishes are also very rich and varied.

The way the food is arranged on the table is probably the distinctive highlight, hard to confuse with any country. By convention, there are 3,5,7,9 dishes and carry certain meanings. The dishes are arranged in a row, the top is placed rice and soup, the next row is side dishes, the right side is hot and the meat dish, the left is the vegetable and the cold dish, the center is the sauce. Dining utensils include a one-spoon chopstick in the right hand side

The Korean eating style is just as standard as the oldest person starts eating when the other members pick up their spoon and chopsticks and when the person walks off the table, the meal is over. Chew gently, slowly, without lifting the chopsticks and spoon off the table top. So when traveling to Korea, you should observe carefully and avoid leaving a bad impression on your trip.

In addition to food culture, Korea also has Tea Ceremony, they love to drink tea and have a tea ceremony of their own country. Tea is usually selected from delicious soya tea leaves, picked in early spring and preserved for a long time. Tea is very good for health, mind and improves memory, so Koreans use tea a lot.


Many famous tourist attractions

Korea is the one of famous beautiful Asian countries and attracts millions of visitors every year. That beauty is made up of traditional cultures and interesting destinations.

Popular destinations of Korea are often mentioned by tourists such as Jeju Island - the island dubbed "Hawaii of Korea", NamSan Tower - the second highest point of the capital Seoul, Gyeongbokgung Palace - "Forbidden City" Korea or entertainment paradise Everland, Lotte World, love island Nami, old village Bukchon Hanok, the coastal city of BuSan famous in the movie "Train to Busan" - "Train of life" tells about The terrible zombie pandemic, or the Gangnam neighborhood with the busiest entertainment complex in Seoul and is also a part of the song name of the song Gangnam Style of the cult artist PSY.


The festival has a traditional style

Besides attractive tourist destinations, Korea also holds visitors by traditional festivals. They also celebrate the Lunar New Year like the Vietnamese and have similar customs on New Year's. At New Year's Eve, they often burn bamboo sticks to ward off evil spirits, hang shovels with straw in the sense of scooping rice and pray for a prosperous year, the New Year's Eve tray will have more than 20 dishes and indispensable rice cakes On the first day of the new year, there will be Chesa and Seba celebrations, New Year wishes to relatives and ancestors' tombs.

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Chuseok, is also an important occasion for Koreans and they often celebrate Charye to give thanks to their ancestors, watch the full moon and play folk games and especially the Ganggangsullae dance Korea. The Hwaseong Suwon Festival has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, which is a re-enactment of the royal procession of Emperor Jeongjo (the 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty). If you come to Korea on January 4-26, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Sancheoneo Hewacheon ice fishing festival in Gangwon province, challenge to catch fish by hand, ski, play ice ball, build snow statues, ...

Probably the most famous is the Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival, not only seeing the cherry blossoms, but you can also admire other native wild flowers, which usually takes place every April. Korea is also a Buddhist country, so the Great Buddha's Birthday Festival is also a very important festival because it is an opportunity to show respect to the Buddha, lanterns are hanging everywhere, brightening the streets. . When you join the festivals here, you not only have the opportunity to learn more about the traditional ceremonies, but also enjoy a variety of dishes from many different countries.

Republic of Korea is a country of the East, so when traveling in this country you will not be too surprised by the cultural features here. Prepare carefully for your itinerary and visit this Kim Chi country with BDA Trip now!

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