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Rarely is there a place on this S-shaped strip of land that is gifted by nature as charming and charming as Ninh Binh. This is not only a poetic land but also a land of exhausted people, the ancient capital of Vietnam. 

Ninh Binh is like a history book of Vietnam.

Mountain Ninh Binh is the first capital of Vietnam over 1000 years of history, the land associated with the career of 6 kings of the three dynasties Dinh - Le - Ly with historical milestones of building the country. and to keep the country proudly before King Ly Thai To moved the capital to Thang Long, today's Hanoi capital.

When you come to Ninh Binh, you will be immersed in the beautiful scenery, the clouds and the sky are like a beautiful mountain. The majestic limestone mountains stand tall witnessing the change of time or traces of human evolution, alongside the culture of historical periods.

Ninh Binh, where in the past, King Dinh Bo Linh had eliminated 12 military lands to unify the country, building Hoa Lu to become the first capital of Vietnam with the prosperity and excitement of a Trang An culture. . Coming to Ninh Binh today, you are coming to the land of births of kings, saints and gods through the temples of kings (especially kings Dinh Tien Hoang, Le Dai Hanh, Tran Thai Tong, Quang Trung and Trieu Quang Phuc with a number of dozens of temples each); worshiping the saint (Nguyen Minh Khong and the profession groups, especially the mother worship with the character Co Doi Thuong Ngan born in Ninh Binh); to worship God (popularly the gods Thien Ton, God Cao Son and God of Quy Minh in the cultural space of Hoa Lu quartet).

Ninh Binh is located at the intersection of regions: Northwest, Red River Delta, and North Central Coast, located about 90 km south of Hanoi and is considered as "North Vietnam" in miniature because of its topography. the convergence of hills, mountains, and semi-mountainous areas, coastal plains, low-lying areas. Coming to Ninh Binh, it is impossible to ignore the scenic spots recognized by UNESCO as world natural heritage.

Trang An - Bai Dinh - Ninh Binh
Trang An - Bai Dinh - Ninh Binh


Hoa Lu ancient capital - "the stone capital"

It is no coincidence that Hoa Lu was chosen as the first capital of Vietnam in the past. Hoa Lu ancient capital is also known as "the stone capital" because it is surrounded by the same majestic limestone mountains like solid walls, existed under the three dynasties of Dinh - Le - Ly, from years 968 to 1010. Although it only existed for a short time, it is a place to witness political events related to the destiny of the whole nation, associated with the cause of three consecutive dynasties, the Dinh, the Tien Le and Ly dynasties with historical marks: unifying Giang Son, fighting Tong - defeating Chiem and analyzing the process of settling down to Thang Long - Hanoi.

Today, the image of the ancient capital Hoa Lu is not intact, but instead is the temple: King Dinh - King Le was built on the foundation of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, along with the system of temples, mausoleums, communal house, pagoda, palace ... More than 1000 years ago, reed fields located deep in the valleys between Trang An mountain was the place where King Dinh Bo Linh raised flags to wipe up the insurrection, suppressing 12 military lands. It can be seen that the ancient capital Hoa Lu is not intact but has become a place to keep historical traces of the early Dai Co Viet country, and today is also the destination of the people of the whole country with a respectful heart. and gratitude.

Bai Dinh Pagoda - Biggest Pagoda in Southeast Asia
Bai Dinh Pagoda - Biggest Pagoda in Southeast Asia


Bai Dinh Pagoda, the largest temple in Southeast Asia

Bai Dinh Temple is Binh one of the most famous and largest temple complexes in Vietnam, setting many domestic and Asian records such as the pagoda with the largest gold-plated bronze statue in Asia, the pagoda with the longest Arhat statue corridor. Asia…. The current population of Bai Dinh pagoda was built on the foundation of Bai Dinh Co Tu pagoda. You should not be overwhelmed by the majesty and majesty of the new Bai Dinh pagoda but forget to visit the ancient Bai Dinh pagoda because this is the place to witness the change, the place to keep the soul of a thousand years of history.

Ancient Bai Dinh pagoda dates back to 1136 and was founded by Zen master Nguyen Minh Khong. Located on top of Bai Dinh mountain, an ancient temple is very sacred. This temple area turns to the west, including a front street in the middle, turn to the right is the morning cave to worship Buddha, then to the Cao Son temple at the end of the back door of the morning cave; turn to the left is the temple of St. Nguyen, then the dark cave to worship mother and fairy. Therefore, this place is considered to be a spirit of a masterpiece, a place of birth of kings, holy birth, the birth of gods. To get to Bai Dinh Co pagoda, you have to step through 300 stone steps, through the gate of Tam Quan in the middle of the mountain, each cave has its own legend and legend, creating a mysterious and magical feature here.

New Bai Dinh pagoda was built from 2003 to 2015 was officially completed, covering an area of ​​80ha. Located on the other side of the mountain compared to the old pagoda and to the west of the ancient capital Hoa Lu. This is a large project with many items, the main architecture: Tam The Palace, Phap Chu Palace, Guan Yin Palace, Stupa, Bell Tower, Maitreya Buddha Statue and other infrastructure, auxiliary works, the academy. Buddhism, the welcoming area, the Three Bonded Areas, and the Three Boundaries ... were built in many different phases.

As soon as you step foot to the temple, the entrance to the visitor will see a screen in front of the Three Guan Gate, which is the delimitation between the mundane and Buddha realms. The new architecture of Bai Dinh pagoda stands out with large, monumental shapes bearing the imprint of Vietnamese architecture such as using local main materials (Ninh Binh green stone, quartet wood), color Bat Trang glazed tiles dark brown ... The most difference in the architecture of Bai Dinh pagoda is reflected in the curved dark brown dome in the shape of a phoenix tail, it does not resemble the rough straight line of the Chinese temple. Especially, Bai Dinh pagoda was built with open space. Right from the time the Buddha statue was built, it was still placed outdoors, attracting a lot of pilgrims to worship.

Trang An - Ninh Binh
Trang An - Ninh Binh


Trang An is a vivid water painting

Trang An is a mountainous region with clouds and clouds. The clear blue water bottom reflects the identical rocky cliffs. There are 31 lakes and lagoons connected by 48 caves that have been discovered, including the 2 km long water cave such as Dia Linh cave, Sinh Duoc cave, May cave ...

The beauty of Trang An attracts visitors from the first step, Trang An water is green in emerald color. Looking down at the water, we can see soft mosses, waves followed by the wind. Trang An is a very beautiful and magical beauty. If you come to Trang An, you cannot ignore the natural scenery, the clouds imprinted with the mountain-like water like a soft silk strip spreading on the river.

Here you will be able to experience every level of emotions, explore the distant roots of human life, enjoy the pure and pure beauty of the purified atmosphere and be proud of the golden age of the calendar. history is bold in the mountains and rivers here.

To explore this place, you will go through 12 caves and 3 temples of which there are prominent caves such as Sang cave, Dark cave, Cook Wine cave, Sung cave, Si cave, Ba Giot cave. Each cave has a different length, stalactites are diverse and sparkling, in addition, there are many other caves that have not been discovered yet.

Especially if you can experience the whole circle of Trang An, or can see satellite images, the lakes can form many closed waterways without having to turn around. This cave complex is like an octagonal map, with different short lengths. Mountains, lakes, caves ... form a continuous battle, each lake is a different water-style picture of the mountain, mountain shape, and lake. This is also the reason why, in the past, King Dinh chose Hoa Lu as the capital with such a strategic position.

Trang An painting is a delicate natural painting in harmony with people. People, the scenery blend together to create a very immense soul that brings into the mood. Seeing Trang An is like some kind of mystical stray. Trang An is as beautiful as a painting of autumn, with waves and full of love. Not everywhere is blessed by nature like Trang An, that is why Trang An is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage.

Tam Coc - Ninh Binh
Tam Coc - Ninh Binh


Tam Coc - Bich Dong "The Ha Long Bay on land"

About 5km from Trang An, Tam Coc - Bich Dong is located in the famous complex of Trang An month, known as "Terrestrial Halong Bay" - "Dynamic Nam Thien Nhi", with lyrical features, the harmony charm of the scene. sky clouds.

Tam Coc means 3 caves, including Hang Ca, Hang Hai, and Hang Ba. All 3 are made up of a river, the Ngo Dong River crashes through the mountain. Tam Coc is the first tourism exploitation route on the first river of Tam Coc - Bich Dong area. Ca Cave is 127 m long, passing through a large mountain, the mouth of the cave is over 20 m wide. In the cave, the climate is quite cool and there are many drooping stalactites of various shapes. Hang Hai, nearly 1 km from Ca cave, 60 m long, has many strange falling stalactites in the ceiling. Hang Ba, near Hai cave, is 50 meters long, the ceiling looks like a stone arch, lower than the other two caves. Along the way to the caves in Tam Coc, are the same limestone mountains. The special feature is still the geological imprints of the sea from thousands of years ago. At the foot of the mountain, there are evenly arched and horizontal indentations like a mark. In the past, this place was an immense sea, the waves crashed non-stop for thousands of millions of years, eroded deeply into the rocky mountains, creating today's natural masterpieces.

The caves are connected by the winding Ngo Dong river. Along the two banks of the river are golden rice fields. Boats surf the Ngo Dong River, creating a vivid picture that inspires many tourists, especially photographers.

The special thing about coming to Tam Coc in different seasons brings its own beauty. Spring, the two sides of the river are green rice fields, in April of the lunar calendar, the rice fields turn yellow. In the summer, visitors can enjoy the fragrant lotus scent in the young waters. Traveling on the Ngo Giang river, you can also hear the local people tell historical stories, the stories associated with the names of each cliff and cliffs. On the Ngo Dong river, you can also admire the aquatic life in the river which is as rich and beautiful as the coral reefs in the sea.

Back to Tam Coc wharf, 2km away is Bich Dong, meaning "green cave", called "Nam Thien De Nhi Dong", the second most beautiful cave in the South behind Huong Tich cave. The dry cave located in the middle of the mountain is called Bich Dong Pagoda and a water cave pierces the mountain called Xuyen Thuy cave.

Bich Dong Pagoda was built in 1428 under the reign of Le Thai To, is considered the most famous scenic beauty of Ninh Binh province. A small stone bridge across the lotus lake leads to a quiet and sacred temple space in the middle of a mountainous area. The pagoda was built according to the layout of "Tam Toa" at the foot of the mountain, Ha Pagoda was built in the style of "Dinh" with the second five chambers contrary to the oriental architectural lines. Bich cave has 5 surrounding mountains, called Ngu Nhac Son, only one bell ringing, there will be 5 temple bells coming from Ngu Nhac Son.

After the Buddha's ceremony at Bich Dong Pagoda, 21 steps up the stone steps to reach Dark Cave. In the Dark Cave, there are natural stalactites forming a fairy, fairy, bronze, dragon gliding, swimming turtle, fighting elephant, ambush. To go to Thuong pagoda, you must step to nearly 40 stone steps along the mountainside. This is the temple located at the highest position, near the top of Bich Dong mountain, is the place to worship the Buddha Quan Am. Standing at Thuong pagoda, you can completely admire the panoramic view around Bich Dong, limestone mountains that are meandering by each river, creating a picture full of love.

In the midst of rivers and mountains, the majestic mountains of Tam Coc - Bich Dong make people so small. In the midst of today's hustle and bustle life, coming here, you will be immersed in nature, drifting away from fatigue, worrying about a calm river, making your soul relax.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The best places to visit in Ninh Binh?

    Every Ninh Binh tourist destination deserves to be included in the list of certain tourist destinations to visit. But if it is necessary to choose a few places for those who have a limited time fund, they are Trang An, Bai Dinh pagoda, Dance cave, Van Long lagoon, Cuc Phuong national park and Phat Diem stone church.

  • Traditional dishes you should try while traveling to Ninh Binh

    You can freely explore Ninh Binh cuisine with attractive dishes. Specialties are goat meat, traditional burnt rice, fish salad, Yen Mac spring rolls, eel vermicelli, ant egg sticky rice, Gia Vien shrimp paste, then vermicelli, noodle soup, hill chicken, or even Nho Quan can wine , Lai Thanh - Kim Son wine, ...

  • What specialties should I buy as a gift when traveling to Ninh Binh?

    During your trip to Ninh Binh, you can buy Ninh Binh elderberry, Yen Mac sour spring rolls, Nho Quan Can wine, Kim Son wine, Gia Vien shrimp sauce, or even delicious goat meat as a gift if you don't have to go. Move away. These unique specialties are guaranteed to be a great gift for friends and family after your Ninh Binh trip.

  • Best time to travel Ninh Binh

    Ninh Binh like Da Nang has 2 distinct rainy and sunny seasons. Traveling to Ninh Binh you can go all year round and each season has its own beauty, but the best time to go is from January to March of the lunar year each year.

    At this time of spring season, this place is not too cold or too hot, especially visitors can combine spring travel and pagoda sightseeing, the pagoda ceremony for luck and this is also the habit of the northern residents. In addition, at the end of May and early June is the season of rice ripe in Tam Coc, very suitable for tourists who like to take pictures, or visit Cuc Phuong forest, Trang An. Or you can experience the beauty of the ripe rice fields in Tam Coc or come to Cuc Phuong forest to watch thousands of butterflies parked on the road.

  • How to go to Ninh Binh?

    Ninh Binh Located 93 km south of Hanoi - where the North-South highway and railway run, visitors can return to Ninh Binh through many different means such as train, bus, private car, or motorbike.

    In the case of using a bus, the Hanoi - Ninh Binh route has dozens of trips a day, starting from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm provided by the car operators, such as Sao Viet, Cuong Hung, Hoang Long, Vu Thuong, Gia Minh, Hien Tinh ... Travel time is about 2 hours, the lowest price is about 100,000 VND per person.

    If you go by private vehicle, from Hanoi, you follow Giai Phong Street, pass Giap Bat bus station, turn to Phap Van - Cau Gie expressway, from there going Phu Ly direction is Ninh Binh. Travel time must not exceed 90. The following is from the Region moving to Ninh Binh

    • From Hanoi: Ninh Binh is only about 100km from Hanoi, so the car is the most reasonable choice. You and your family can go to any bus station that has a car to return to Ninh Binh or now go to a lot of high-end car companies to pick up tourists from Hanoi - Ninh Binh cheaply and conveniently. It only takes about 2 hours to travel on the Phap Van - Cau Gie highway to get to Ninh Binh fastest.

    • From Saigon: There are many options for you to move, if the fastest and most convenient such as Airplane, car, train ... Like flying, you will fly to Hanoi and catch the car to Ninh Jar. By car, you also book a bed car from Mien Dong bus station, then go straight to Ninh Binh. Also, if you go to China, it's fine because Ninh Binh has a train station in the center of the city.

    • From the central provinces: you can also order 3 vehicles as I mentioned above. It is very convenient and depends on your economy for a very reasonable reason.

  • Accommodation services in Ninh Binh

    In Ninh Binh, there are many motels from cheap to luxury hotels. Depending on economic conditions, tourists can find the right hotel. In addition to luxury hotels, you can also choose other types: Hostel, Homestay ... affordable price is quite cheap from 200k - 300k for each standard type. You should choose hotels that are close to the center for dining, shopping, and convenient travel.

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