Da Nang

Da Nang


Da Nang is known as the most livable city in Vietnam. So perhaps it seems that any tourist when traveling to Da Nang will fall in love and love it from the first time they arrive. Let's explore Da Nang through this article!

Introduction to Da Nang

Da Nang is a centrally run city, located in the South Central Coast region, Vietnam. The city has an area of ​​1,285 km2 and a population of more than 1.1 million people. Da Nang is known as "the most livable city in Vietnam" because it possesses many outstanding advantages in natural landscape, climate, people and infrastructure. Through a process of outstanding development, learning modern European city building methods, Da Nang gradually rose to become the city with the highest development competitiveness index in the country, becoming a green city, livable city.

Outstanding attractions in Da Nang

The beauty of this beautiful coastal city will make you fall in love and "forget the way home" when you have the opportunity to come here, so if you want to travel all over Da Nang, it will probably take a few days during your trip to Da Nang. Da Nang is not enough. So please try to refer to the locations below to make your journey as convenient and easy as possible:

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is an extremely attractive tourist destination of the city. This "hill" attracts thousands of visitors every year. Located on a high mountain peak, this place is compared to the name "road to fairyland" with an extremely poetic, picturesque landscape.

With the Sun World entertainment brand system combined with the most classy entertainment area in Vietnam and the longest cable car in the world, this place definitely promises to be the most worth-visiting place in your Da Nang tour.

Ngu Hanh Son

Referring to the most attractive attractions in Da Nang, it is impossible not to mention the Marble Mountains. Is a famous scenic complex only 9km southeast of the center, here you will have the opportunity to admire the natural picture and enjoy a fresh, relaxing atmosphere, viewing the works of art. Exquisite stone carving by the hands of local artisans.

Hai Van Pass Scenic Lookout

For a long time, history books have repeatedly described this majestic landscape with a very special position: its back leans against the majestic Truong Son range, offering a panoramic view of the sea. With a length of about 20km and nearly 500m above sea level, Hai Van Pass was voted as one of the top 10 most beautiful roads in the world according to The Guardian newspaper. Therefore, the experience of crossing the pass will be an unforgettable experience for you when touring Da Nang.

My Khe beach

My Khe Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, located in Da Nang city. This beach has fine white sand, clear blue water and gentle waves.

If your trip lacks this point, it will be a pity because this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang. My Khe is famous for its long white sand beaches, gentle ocean waves and warm water all year round. Sunrise and sunset here are considered golden moments, so if you are a romantic, don't miss this opportunity!

Han River Bridge

As the first swing bridge in Vietnam, it can be said that Han River Bridge is one of the symbols of Da Nang tourism. With a unique design, the body of the bridge can rotate 90 degrees to follow the flow of the river at night. This bridge is a pride of the city's people, carrying great historical and economic significance for Da Nang.

Famous dishes in Da Nang

The richness of the cuisine here is also one of the reasons why Da Nang has become the most livable city in our country. And to fully explore this beautiful coastal city, you must know the delicious dishes here.

Quang's noodles

Mi Quang is a flat, white rice noodle served with rich broth, pork, shrimp, eggs, raw vegetables and rice paper. Quang noodles have many variations such as Quang chicken noodles, Quang frog noodles, Quang snakehead fish noodles...

Banh Xeo 

Banh Xeo is a type of deep-fried cake filled with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and green beans. Banh xeo served with raw vegetables and sweet and sour fish sauce. You can find banh xeo at many small streetside eateries or large restaurants.

You may have tried this dish many times anywhere, but you probably have to eat it in Da Nang to truly feel its true nature. Golden pancakes with all kinds of fillings inside are extremely attractive. Don't miss it on your trip to Da Nang!

Fun activities in Da Nang

In general, as a tourist city, the activities of tourists here will be primarily experiential. Try taking the cable car, even if you are afraid of heights, the surrounding majestic landscape will surely make you forget that fear.

If you love the sea, you can swim at My Khe beach, voted by Forbes as the most beautiful beach on the planet. You can enjoy beautiful natural scenery, gentle ocean waves and fine white sand. In addition, you can also participate in water sports activities such as surfing, canoeing, jet skiing...

Or experience walking around the city at night to see the Dragon Bridge spewing water, the rotating Han River Bridge or simply inhale the salty taste of sea salt in the air.....

In addition, the beaches also have many more services such as windsurfing, parasailing... to make your trip to Da Nang many times more memorable!

People of Da Nang

The image of rustic, authentic people familiar with the sea makes any tourist impressed. As a famous tourist center city, the people here are extremely friendly and sociable. The friendliness of the people not only comes through words but is also deeply ingrained in every smallest action in daily life. Surely simple things like that will add the most beautiful and dearest things to your trip.

Da Nang people have a calm, slow and peaceful way of life. They are not in a hurry, stressed or worried too much about life, but know how to enjoy the simple things and nature bestows. They can stop to admire the scenery, drink coffee, chat with friends or listen to music without worrying about time or work. They also do not crave fame and fortune or compete, but know how to appreciate what they have and do their duty well.

Da Nang people are very friendly, gentle and hospitable. They are always ready to welcome, help and share with tourists or people from outside the province when coming to their city. They never cheat, cheat or take advantage of others to make a profit, but always have an honest, fair and respectful attitude. They are also very generous, sparing no expense when entertaining friends or distinguished guests.

Especially very enthusiastic, dynamic and creative in work and life. They are always highly conscious of building and developing their hometown. They are not afraid of difficulties, challenges or changes, but always look for new opportunities and apply new ideas. They also love learning, interacting and collaborating with others to improve their knowledge and skills.

Hopefully through this article you will understand more about Da Nang as well as the people here!

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