5 Reasons to Visit Da Nang City

5 Reasons to Visit Da Nang City

Da Nang city is often forgotten when planning a trip to Vietnam. Many travelers think the city has nothing new to offer compared to its more famous neighboring cities like Hoi An and Hue. But this underrated city has a lot more to offer than just being a connecting city to other more prominent cities

5 reasons Da Nang city should be on your Vietnam itinerary

Let’s take a look at why you should visit Da Nang.

Pristine beaches

With a beachline that stretches over 30 km, Da Nang has some of the most peaceful and beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Unlike other beaches in Vietnam, the beaches in Da Nang city are clean, peaceful, and less crowded making them ideal for a relaxing getaway. The city is also home to My Khe or China beach which was recently crowned as one of the best beaches in the world.

Pirstine beach in Danang

Beautiful bridges

Da Nang city is home to stunning bridges which are one-of-a-kind architectural masterpieces. The most famous of these bridges is the Dragon Bridge, Vietnam’s longest bridge and a symbol of Danang. It was made to resemble a fire and water breathing golden dragon. During weekends the bridge is illuminated with a mesmerizing light show. Some other stunning bridges you can check out are the Han River Bridge and Thuan Phuoc bridge.

View of Dragon Bridge

Amusement parks

Da Nang’s amusement parks make it one of the most family-friendly destinations in Vietnam. Bring out your inner child at Asia Park or Sun World Da Nang, a park that blends Western and Asian influences with its rides and architecture. Another amusement park you should visit is Ba Na Hills, located west of Da Nang. The park is famous for its Golden Bridge and for having one of the world's most impressive cable car rides. 

Sun wheel at Sun World Da Nang

Culinary paradise

Da Nang is a foodie paradise. Everywhere you go from the streets to the restaurants, you’ll be able to taste delicious food. You’ll also find unique central Vietnamese cuisine that can't be found anywhere else in Vietnam. One of Da Nang’s specialties is mi quang, a thick turmeric rice noodle served with broth and topped with fresh herbs, peanuts, and meat. Bun cha ca, a fishball noodle soup, and bun mam, a fermented vermicelli soup are a few other specialties you need to taste in Da Nang.

Set of Ingredients to prepare vietnamese noodle soup

Nature’s paradise

Not only is Da Nang a beach haven, but it is also a lush green paradise surrounded by mountains and forests. One of the most famous mountains is the iconic 5 Marble mountains which is a pilgrimage site located in downtown Da Nang. It is home to numerous caves and pagodas. You can also explore Monkey Mountain, famous for its large population of monkeys and located just a short car ride away from Da Nang. From this mountain, you’ll be able to witness the stunning panoramic view of the city and the sea. 

Marble Mountain in downtown Da Nang

Da Nang is on its way to becoming a major tourist destination like its neighboring cities. It offers tourists a place to let their hair down and relax. And not forgetting, the city has some of the friendliest locals who go out of their way to help you. What more could you ask for?

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