List of Countries With Vietnam Visa Exemption Travel

List of Countries With Vietnam Visa Exemption

Vietnam has a visa exemption policy for citizens or passport holders for 24 countries. This means that the citizens or passport holders from these countries can enter Vietnam without a visa for a specific amount of time as specified by the Vietnamese government.

List of Exempted countries

The following 24 countries are exempted from visa requirements:

 CountryMaximum Stay
1Belarus15 days
2Brunei14 days
3Cambodia30 days
4Chile 90 days
5Denmark15 days
6Finland15 days
7France15 days
8Germany15 days
9Indonesia30 days
10Italy15 days
11Japan15 days
12Kyrgyzstan30 days
13Laos30 days
14Malaysia30 days
15Myanmar30 days
16Norway15 days,
17Philippines21 days
18Russia15 days
19Singapore30 days
20South Korea15 days
21Spain15 days
22Sweden15 days
23Thailand30 days
24United Kingdom15 days

Please note: Foreign tourists traveling to Phu Quoc can visit the island without a visa for a maximum of 30 days.

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