Dam Sen Kho - An entertainment destination not to be missed when coming to Saigon

Dam Sen Kho - An entertainment destination not to be missed when coming to Saigon

Are you looking for a fun and entertaining place for your family, friends, or just for yourself when visiting Saigon? Join BDATrip to discover Dry Dam Sen Park - one of the top amusement parks in Ho Chi Minh City, a place that will bring you joyful, refreshing, and memorable moments.

Address and Ticket Prices for Dry Dam Sen Park

Dry Dam Sen Park, located within Dam Sen Cultural Park at 3 Hoa Binh, Ward 3, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, is an ideal destination for those who love the combination of entertainment and culture. This amusement area is part of a complex including unique areas like Water Dam Sen, Culinary Dam Sen, along with the fairy-tale world of Fairy Tale Dam Sen, the mystery of Dam Sen Aquarium, and the diverse animal life at Dam Sen Zoo.

Dam Sen Kho always attracts tourists
Dam Sen Kho always attracts tourists

To explore Dam Sen Park, visitors need to purchase tickets priced at 120,000 VND for adults, 60,000 VND for children from 0.8m to 1.4m tall and seniors over 60 years old, while people with disabilities are admitted for free. This ticket not only opens the door to the entertainment world of Dry Dam Sen but also allows you to enjoy free games in Fairy Tale Dam Sen, visit the Dam Sen Aquarium and Zoo, as well as participate in educational activities here. Additionally, if you want to experience thrilling rides, you can buy separate tickets ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 VND per turn, depending on the type of ride. Dam Sen Park will surely bring you endless relaxation and fun.

To explore Dam Sen Park, visitors can choose from various transportation options:

- Bus: Routes number 11, 69, 148, or 152 are optimal choices, taking you to the Dam Sen station from many locations in the city.

- Motorbike: 3/2 Street, Ly Thuong Kiet, Le Dai Hanh, Hoa Binh, and Lac Long Quan are common routes to park. There is a motorbike parking service for a fee of 5,000 VND/turn at the parking lot of Dam Sen Cultural Park.

- Car: Same routes as for motorbikes, but with a car parking fee of 10,000 VND/turn.

Inside the lagoon are many games arranged
Inside the lagoon are many games arranged

What to Do at Dry Dam Sen Park?

Ultimate Challenge with Thrilling Rides

If you are an adventure enthusiast, Dry Dam Sen Park will satisfy you with exciting thrilling experiences:

- Death Wheel: An unmissable experience at park, with a record height of 60m and a peak speed of up to 120km/h. Imagine sitting on a swing chair, spinning 360 degrees in the air, bringing a breathtaking and exciting feeling.

- Flower Field: A combination of adventure and romance. At a height of 50m and a speed of 80km/h, the flying flower car gliding over the vibrant flower field will bring you a floating and relaxing sensation.

- Paradise Slide: A fun and humorous adventure, sliding down from a height of 30m at a speed of 60km/h on a mat, creating an exciting and joyful feeling.

Challenge your limits through many thrilling games
Challenge your limits through many thrilling games

A Magical World with Many Interesting Experiences

If you are a fan of magical experiences, Fairy Tale Dam Sen is a must-visit. Here, you will be lost in a fairy-tale world, with enchanting games such as:

- Ice Palace: An experience in a -10°C space, where you step into a palace made entirely of ice. Explore beautiful ice sculptures and take photos with mysterious fairy-tale characters, all made of ice.

- Haunted House: A game that brings a sense of horror and suspense. Entering the haunted house, you will face spooky scenes, chilling sounds, and images of ghosts and goblins, taking you through a breath-taking fear experience.

- Cloud Heaven: This game offers a romantic space with white clouds and magical lighting. You will step into a dreamy world, admiring stars, the moon, and rainbows, feeling calm and peaceful.

Unique horror castle
Unique horror castle

Discover the Aquarium and Zoo

At Dam Sen Aquarium, immerse yourself in the magical underwater world, where intelligent dolphins, powerful sharks, and graceful seahorses provide a unique experience. Enjoy dolphin shows, admire the agility of sharks, and discover the delicacy of seahorses.

Zoo with many cute animals
Zoo with many cute animals

If you are interested in the wild world, Dam Sen Zoo is the ideal destination. Here, you have the opportunity to get close to tigers, with their distinctive striped fur, gentle elephants with gray skin and long trunks, and playful monkeys. Experiencing the power of tigers, the friendliness of elephants, and the mischievousness of monkeys will be unforgettable moments in your visit.

Journey of Educational Experiences

Dry Dam Sen Park invites visitors to explore a series of unique and enriching educational activities. You will have the opportunity to transform into a farmer, performing tasks from plowing to harvesting, and delve deeper into agricultural professions and rural culture. Discover the art of making cakes, from bread to cream cakes, where you will be guided hands-on and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Notably, the science experiment activities, from creating volcanoes to soap making, open the door to understanding natural phenomena and scientific principles. Each activity at park is not just a practical experience but also an opportunity to learn and expand knowledge.

The play area combines knowledge discovery for children
The play area combines knowledge discovery for children

Where to Eat and Stay at Dry Dam Sen Park?

After enjoying the various activities, you can visit prominent culinary spots in the park to refuel and savor delicious dishes. Highlights include:

- Thuy Ta Restaurant: Located in park, this restaurant is renowned for its elegant atmosphere and courteous service. The diverse menu ranges from Asian to European cuisine and seafood, satisfying even the most discerning palate.

- Dong Que Restaurant: Another cozy corner at park, serving rustic dishes like bun rieu, bun mam, banh xeo, banh khot, cha gio, and nem nuong. The restaurant offers a traditional culinary experience in a homely, native atmosphere.

- Saigon Coffee Shop: An ideal spot for coffee aficionados. This coffee shop in park offers a variety of coffees, from milk coffee to black coffee, blended ice coffee, and cream coffee, all in a modern and elegant setting.

- Other Restaurants and Coffee Shops: park also offers many other options to suit all tastes and budgets. From upscale restaurants to casual coffee shops, each place provides unique and enjoyable culinary experiences.

Thuy Ta Restaurant with spacious space and many attractive dishes
Thuy Ta Restaurant with spacious space and many attractive dishes

Safety Tips for Enjoying Dry Dam Sen Park

To enjoy a fun and safe trip to Dry Dam Sen Park, keep the following in mind:

- Dam Sen Park is open from 8 AM to 10 PM. Arriving early gives you more time to explore and participate in the games.

- Remember to carry personal identification, entrance tickets, and important personal items to ensure a smooth trip.

- Always adhere to instructions and regulations from park staff. This not only ensures your safety but also that of those around you.

- Maintain cleanliness, do not litter, and take good care of the park's equipment and facilities.

- Share and support each other, creating a cheerful and friendly atmosphere when participating in activities at park.

Dry Dam Sen Park is an unmissable entertainment destination when visiting Saigon, offering a variety of fun and diverse games suitable for all ages and preferences. Visit Dam Sen Park to experience joyful, refreshing, and memorable moments with family, friends, and yourself.

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