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What is special about Ha Giang tourism?

Ha Giang brings many interesting experiences. Ha Giang is not only beautiful for its majestic scenery, endlessly winding roads, but it is also beautiful for flowers and humanity. The flowers bloom all year round with magical colors such as Yellow Cauliflower, Purple Heart of Triangular Circuit, White Plum Blossom, and a special flower that is "Stone Flower" dark gray of rocks. on Dong Van Plateau.

You can visit Ha Giang in any season of the year. Because each season here has its own beauty that no other place has. In spring, you will be able to see a lot of colors of cherry blossoms, plum blossoms mixed with the blue sky and earth. If you come here in September and October, you will never forget the golden color of ripe rice. Or if you want to see the white snow and feel the cold, you will definitely have to come here in December when it snows.

Of course, visitors not only come here to see the triangular fields or see snow. This land still has a lot of things worth exploring and exploring. This is where there are many famous tourist destinations such as Dong Van rock plateau, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Lung Cu Co Column, Nho Que River, Quan Ba heaven gate .... Coming to each of these locations, visitors can feel this land in different ways.


Famous tourist destinations

Lung Cu flagpole

If you join a tour of Ha Giang, you will definitely come to Lung Cu flagpole. At an altitude of about 1500m above sea level, standing on the flagpole you can see the beautiful spots of the northernmost land of the country. That is the same mountain scene, alternating with terraced fields of classes. All create a typical wild beauty in Ha Giang.


Dong Van Rocky Plateau

Traveling to Ha Giang, you definitely cannot ignore Dong Van rocky plateau. This is the most suitable place to have fun moments with friends. Dong Van is a rocky plateau spreading over 4 districts: Yen Minh, Dong Van, Quan Ba, Meo Vac. Boulders of rock are the natural arrangement that nature has brought to this beautiful land. Traveling to Ha Giang, try to Dong Van, you will surely have interesting experiences and maybe "unique" pictures of a beautiful youth.


Ma Pi Leng Pass

If you love adventure, you should definitely not miss Ma Pi Leng Pass. This is the name of the most dangerous mountain pass in Ha Giang province and the most advanced in Vietnam today, located on "Happiness Road". Only about 20km, however, to build this road, the young people of 16 ethnic groups had to hang themselves on the cliffs and encroach on small sections. This road took 11 months to complete and put into use. You can explore this route on your own by cycling or walking. When standing on the communal house, conquering it, you will have very strange emotions and experience the feeling of "catching clouds".


Tu San Alley

Having passed the Ma Pi Leng pass, you can not help but stop at Tu San Alley. This is the highest and deepest canyon in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The cliffs that are 700 - 800 m high create a separate majestic beauty for this valley. Joining Ha Giang tour, young people always stop to "check-in" to keep a scene that is difficult to see elsewhere in this land of Vietnam.


Special cuisine of Ha Giang 

Au Tau Porridge 

If you come to Ha Giang but you have not enjoyed the porridge, it is a shortcoming. This is not only delicious food but also very healthy. When you visit the market in the evening and enjoy a bowl of porridge, you will surely have a good night's sleep.


Thang Co

Drinking, eating Thang Co at Dong Van market is exactly what anyone who comes here wants to try. A bowl of wins trying to heat up, just eat and a little spicy wine will make any customer feel satisfied even in the frigid cold.


Smoke meat

Anyone participating in the Ha Giang tour wants to buy some kitchen hanging meat as a gift for their family. These are long buffalo meat and pork meat skewers on a stick and then hung from the kitchen guard. Try a piece of meat, you will feel the spices blending into the meat like you are bringing the taste of the Northwestern mountains.

Top activities in Ha Giang

Attractions in Ha Giang

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time should I travel to Ha Giang?

    You can travel to Ha Giang in any season of the year because only the roads running in the highland rocky mountains are enough to attract you to visit. Some beautiful times of the year: October - November, when Triangulum flowers bloom, from November to December is the time of Hoa Cai. Spring is the white plum blossoms.

  • The main attractions in Ha Giang
    • Fair Market in Dong Van Highlands,
    • Ma Pi Leng Pass,
    • Lung Cu flagpole, the north pole of the country
    • The Vuong's residence,
    • Quan Ba Heaven Gate,
    • Quan Ba town valley,
    • Pao's house
    • Tham Ma Slopes
    • Nho Que River
    • And roadside stops with cabbage flower fields, white plum gardens. The high terraces stretching across the mountains at Hoang Su Phi. Depending on your time and preferences, you should combine your travel points appropriately.
  • Places to stay and visit at Hoang Su Phi

    This is a destination every season when the rice is ripe. Also experience a different atmosphere in Tay Ha Giang, where the Tay Con Linh national park is located. Places to visit around Hoang Su Phi include:

    • The Red Dao village of Nam Hong.
    • Ta Su Choong
    • Phung village, where there is beautiful ripe rice. The terraced fields here are so beautiful, the rice fields mixed with green rice and harvested air around the houses of the La Chi people create a beautiful colorful picture.
    • Luoc Village, is also a beautiful ripe rice spot
    • Ho Thau
    • Nam Kha
    • Mountain climbing for cloud hunting Chieu Lau Thi
    • Mountain climbing primeval forest in Tay Con Linh.
  • Some bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang

    To move to Ha Giang, you can take the night bus, reducing fatigue and saving time. There are reputable cars to Ha Giang such as: Bang Phan and Khai Huyen, Hung Thanh, or Hai Van. Coming to Ha Giang, you can rent a motorbike to visit tourist attractions. Should spend 2 days riding a motorbike around Ha Giang (departing from Ha Giang city and then back in the afternoon of the 2nd day, return the motorbike, take the bus back to Hanoi at night).

    • Hung Thanh garage: Phone: Hanoi 0988 287741 Ha Giang: 0989 416416
    • Ha Giang Express, it is a sleeping room, 350k / ticket
    • Cau Me garage, Hai Van. Travel time from My Dinh bus station is 20:30, 21:00, and 21:30. About 1 hour will pass to Noi Bai airport, you can arrange a car near Noi Bai. Departure time, at 3:30 to 5 am, will arrive in Ha Giang City. Contact phone 04 38717171/0982428868
    • By Chalk: 0389.219.219
    • Ngoc Cuong
  • Ha Giang cuisine

    You should try drinking Corn Wine and eat Thang Co. Vietnamese Ga Restaurant 9 minutes in Ha Giang city on Nguyen Van Ninh street, about 500m from km 0. You can contact to order in advance, to have food too, contact 0219.3882882 / 01646115115.

    • Black Chicken Hotpot: Definitely should not be missed. This chicken is different from the Evil chicken. Hotpot broth has a spicy taste of ginger and a little bit expensive, suggesting Thu Bo 2 (44 Khan Phuc, Dong Van).
    • Ha Giang's Cake Roll
    • Five colored sticky rice
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