Dong Hoi is a picturesque seaside city on the North Central coast of Vietnam that usually flies under the tourist radar. But recently the town has been making waves with its resorts and stunning beaches. Take some time off on your Vietnam tour to explore the city, its lively markets, streets, parks, and caves.

Domestic airlines that fly to Dong Hoi

Dong Hoi is home to one airport, the Dong Hoi Airport which serves over 700,000 passengers every year. Currently, there are 4 airlines that fly to Dong Hoi- Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, Bamboo Airways, and Pacific Airlines.

Popular flight routes to Dong Hoi

The most popular domestic flight routes to Dong Hoi are:

How to travel from Dong Hoi Airport to the city center

Dong Hoi Airport is located about 6 km north of Dong Hoi city. It takes around 8 minutes from the airport to reach the city center. You can take either a taxi (good for a group and people with tons of luggage) which will cost around 150,000 VND or a bus (good for budget travelers) to reach the city center. There are 3 bus routes from the airport.

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Best time to visit Dong Hoi

Dong Hoi can be visited any time of the year. The city, like any North Vietnam city, has moderate weather and 4 distinct seasons. Summer in Dong Hoi lasts from May to July, autumn is from August to October, winter is from November to January, and spring starts from February to April. Summer here is hot with mild rainfall and very few tourists so if you’re looking to avoid crowds, this is the perfect time to visit. Winter and spring here are cool with little to no rain. These two seasons experience the heaviest tourist footfall. Autumn experiences the most rainfall and occasional flooding.

When is the best time to book a flight to Dong Hoi?

The best time to book a flight to Dong Hoi is 1 to 2 months ahead of your trip. This will give you better flight deals and more options than booking last minute.

Places to visit in Dong Hoi

Dong Hoi is not only blessed with beautiful natural scenery. It also has historic buildings that shine through in this sleepy coastal town. Some of the best places to visit in Dong Hoi are:

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