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Car Rental Services | BDATrip

BDATrip car rental service

The problem of traveling while traveling or working is one of many concerns, especially when public transport is not flexible, other types of transportation such as taxis will become expensive if you have to move often and constantly.

With BDATrip's car rental service, you have the same flexibility in your itinerary and time as your car. Besides, renting a self-drive car or having a driver saves money compared to other vehicles when you travel with your family or group of friends. Both the privacy as well as the initiative and comfort that cannot be met by other media


The advantages of car rental on BDATrip

Renting a car is easy and saves time

You can easily rent, pick up and drop off the car at any location at any time, you can pick up the car at home, at the airport, or any location specified by you. With hundreds of models from popular to high-end, ready for your needs.

Quality of service

BDATrip cars are maintained, tested, and met the safety and comfort criteria before they are delivered to you. Free cancellation of the previous trip within 1 hour after booking.

Freedom and flexibility

Renting a car while traveling gives you the same freedom you would have in your own car. You can freely choose the itinerary and time for your trip to discover more and enjoy a full holiday.

Cost-saving and reasonable

When you're traveling with your family or friends, renting a car is more cost-effective than taking public transport or renting a taxi every time. You can rent by day, by week, or by month depending on your needs.

Safe and comfortable

With car rental, you will not be tired of the noise, crowded as when using public transport. You can go anywhere, run fast or slow, stop anywhere when you feel tired. And of course no worries about lost luggage. BDATrip only provides selected vehicles with the most safety, quality, aesthetics and personalization criteria.


Which car rental services that BDATrip offer?

BDATrip offers customers 2 choices

Self-drive car rental

Traveling with family members, friends, or family will be more personal and fun than when you rent a self-drive car. With a variety of models and options, you can easily find the best car to suit your trip.

Car rental with driver

Any worries about not getting used to the road, tired of driving for long trips will not happen when you choose a car rental service with a driver. With this service, you are completely relaxed, comfortable, and fully enjoy your trip.

Car rental services included

  • Vehicle insurance, passenger insurance
  • Rental car time: 24 hours

Car rental service not included

  • Fuel costs
  • Insurance claim
  • Pick up / drop off guests outside of the central area

Pick up and drop off location

Free pick up and drop off at the airport and in the city center

Personal papers needed when renting a car

Passport / ID card / citizen identification, driving license (original)


When should I rent a car?

  • When traveling with family or in groups, renting a self-driving car or a chauffeur will make your stay more private, enjoyable, and comfortable.
  • When you go home during the holidays, using public transport is very troublesome because fares are so high, flights can not be booked, schedules are sometimes inappropriate. Especially when you are traveling with your family. Then, the rental of a car will be more efficient, save time and cost compared to public transport.
  • When traveling for business in another city, the self-drive car rental helps you to be more flexible and proactive in moving and meeting compared to public transport
  • When you are in a city where transportation is quite limited, and only need to use a car for yourself and your family on special occasions.
  • When you attend special events that require luxury, renting a luxury car is the perfect fit for this situation.

BDATrip provides car rental services in major cities in Vietnam such as Saigon, Da Nang, Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phu Quoc…. You should book your car early before departure to make it safer and more comfortable for your vacation, especially during holidays, Tet, and the peak tourist season.

Experience an exciting holiday with BDATrip's car rental service

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