Find cheap bus ticket

Find cheap bus tickets on BDATrip

If you have had at least one time to buy a bus ticket at the bus station, especially on holidays and New Year vaction, you have had a lot of unpleasant experiences about queuing up, crowding the crowd, and choosing. suitable garage, seats, departure time. This takes you a lot of time, effort, and causes a lot of unnecessary fatigue for your trip.

With a system of thousands of bus operators, millions of routes in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and around the world. BDATrip provides an online bus ticket booking service. With just a few simple steps on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you can easily find and choose a bus ticket that suits your travel needs and your family. With the rating and scoring system of BDATrip's passenger car booking service, choosing quality, reputable, suitable seats and a reasonable fare of a bus ticket is done easily in less than 1 minute.


Why book bus tickets on BDATrip?

Safe and professional: BDATrip's bus booking service partners are reputable, trustworthy, and professional bus operators, ensuring your trip is comfortable, convenient, and safe.

Simple booking operation: BDATrip's booking service gives you a completely different experience when buying tickets and traveling by bus with a simple and friendly operation. 

Competitive price: With BDATrip's car booking service, you always ensure the most competitive fare with the best service quality at all times.

Professional customer care service

  • Hassle-fee anytime & anywhere
  • Choose from a variety of bus operators, seats, and itineraries.
  • Many attractive incentives
  • 24/7 customer care and support service always accompany you on every journey.


How to book a bus ticket on BDATrip?

  • With just a few simple steps of less than 1 minute, you can book a bus ticket for your trip
  • Trip search and selection: departure point, destination, departure time
  • Choose the carrier, seat, fare class, and drop-off point
  • Enter passenger information
  • Pay and receive tickets

After successful booking, your ticket will be sent to the phone or email provided by the system


Flexible payment method

You can pay for bus tickets on BDATrip in many different ways

  • Payment in cash upon departure
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Payment by electronic wallets such as Momo, VNPay, and Moca
  • Payment by international payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe
  • Pay by credit card

Find and book your bus ticket with BDATrip today and get started on your trip.

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