Thung Nham Bird Garden Travel Guide for Families

Thung Nham Bird Garden Travel Guide for Families

Known as a beautiful ecological tourism area within the Trang An complex, Thung Nham offers visitors fascinating natural experiences and majestic landscapes. Let's explore BDATrip's tips to fully enjoy the beauty of Thung Nham!

Where is Thung Nham?

Thung Nham is a unique ecological tourist destination nestled among tropical forests on limestone mountains, featuring numerous valleys and mysterious caves. This destination provides various amenities such as accommodations, restaurants, recreational areas, and teambuilding activities, making it an ideal spot for tourists.

Thung Nham is the perfect tourist destination of many tourists
Thung Nham is the perfect tourist destination of many tourists

Located in Ninh Hai hamlet, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, Thung Nham is part of the Trang An scenic complex. Spanning an area of 334.2 hectares, it is about 100 km from Hanoi and approximately 14 km from Ninh Binh city, making it convenient for travel.

A special feature of Thung Nham is its bird sanctuary, home to thousands of birds from various species, including rare ones listed in the red book. This creates a rich and diverse natural environment that attracts not only tourists but also biological researchers.

How to Get to Thung Nham

To reach Thung Nham, you need to travel to Ninh Binh city or Hanoi. Ninh Binh is about 100 km from Hanoi, and from there, you can follow National Highway 1A to reach your destination. From Ninh Binh city center, travel 4 km to Vom Bridge, then another 8 km to Tam Coc. At the intersection near Tam Coc Pagoda, turn left following the signs and continue straight to the Thung Nham ecological tourism area.

  • By Motorbike: If you love adventure, scenic views, and want to control your time and stops, traveling by motorbike is ideal. You can enjoy the fresh air and natural scenery along the journey to Thung Nham.
  • By Bus: For those who prioritize safety, speed, and cost-efficiency, taking a bus is suitable. From Hanoi, head to Giap Bat or My Dinh bus stations to buy tickets priced between 70,000 to 100,000 VND. After a 2-hour trip, you will reach Ninh Binh. From there, you can rent a taxi or take another bus to Thung Nham.
  • Tour Thung Nham: Besides traveling by motorbike or bus, you can also join a tour package. This option is very convenient as the travel company will handle everything from meals, hotels, to recreational activities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable trip.
Easy to reach Thung Nham by car
Easy to reach Thung Nham by car

Transportation Options within Thung Nham

When traveling by boat, you can buy tickets at the entrance of Thung Nham to visit various attractions. Boating is an ideal way to enjoy the scenery and experience the natural beauty, especially when exploring caves and lakes.

Sightseeing boating is a popular form of transportation in Thung Nham
Sightseeing boating is a popular form of transportation in Thung Nham

Traveling by motorbike is more common and convenient for exploring Thung Nham. Due to the rugged terrain, using a motorbike allows easy access to attractions. However, there are not many motorbike rental points in Thung Nham, so it’s best to bring your own for convenience.

Updated Ticket Prices for Thung Nham Bird Garden 2024

  • Adult ticket: 100,000 VND/person
  • Child ticket: 50,000 VND/person (free for children under 0.8m tall)
  • Boat ticket for bird garden: 20,000 VND/person
  • Hang But Cave ticket: 20,000 VND/person

Interesting Highlights When Visiting Thung Nham

Must-Visit Attractions in Thung Nham

Thung Nham boasts a rich flora with many rare plant species, lush green forests, and various fruit trees. It is also home to over 40 bird species with thousands of individuals, along with many other fascinating attractions such as:

  • Thung Nham Bird Sanctuary: This sanctuary houses various bird species such as storks, herons, starlings, magpies, and parrots. It is also home to rare birds listed in the red book like phoenixes and Hằng vạc. Here, you can marvel at the wild natural beauty and majestic scenery.
  • Hang But (Buddha Cave): A must-see attraction with a natural length of 500 meters. Inside, stalactites have formed the image of a sitting Buddha by a river, creating a magnificent and captivating scene.
  • Vai Gioi Cave: Situated on a high mountain with an area of about 5,000 square meters, this cave comprises three levels. Inside, stalactites form three sections: the earthly world, hell, and heaven. It’s an ideal spot to explore the mystical and unique beauty of nature.
  • Tien Ca Cave (Mermaid Cave): With a length of 1,500 meters, this cave is dubbed a “fairyland” due to its natural stalactite beauty, creating a mystical and enchanting space as you delve deeper.
  • Fruit Garden: Spanning 80,000 square meters, this garden grows various tropical fruit trees like lychee, soursop, apple, and mango. Here, you can experience a bountiful natural space and participate in activities as a real farmer.
  • Moving Banyan Tree: According to legend, this banyan tree has moved three times around a temple, attracting many visitors to explore and learn about this intriguing and mysterious phenomenon.
Thung Nham possesses an extremely diverse ecosystem
Thung Nham possesses an extremely diverse ecosystem

Relaxing Activities at Thung Nham

Besides notable attractions, Thung Nham offers many relaxing activities for visitors to enjoy, such as:

  • Boating: A trip to Thung Nham wouldn’t be complete without boating. It’s a great way to admire the breathtaking scenery and enjoy the peace and tranquility. Boating lets you hear the gentle sounds of water and feel your soul merge with nature.
  • Camping and Outdoor Activities: Thung Nham features many open grassy areas, perfect for camping and teambuilding activities. It’s an ideal place to immerse yourself in the cool, fresh air and have fun with friends, enjoying memorable relaxing moments.
  • Fishing: Fishing at Thung Nham is a relaxing activity that requires patience, allowing you to enjoy moments of peace and quiet. While fishing, you can also appreciate the simplicity and serenity of life, providing a truly soothing experience.
Relax yourself with camping activities
Relax yourself with camping activities

Savoring the Cuisine of Thung Nham

Ninh Binh is renowned for its naturally-raised meats, especially mountain goats and hill chickens. The dishes here are diverse and appealing, prepared with great flavor. When visiting Ninh Binh, don’t miss out on specialties like mountain snail and Thung Nham lake fish.

Cuisine with strong local identity
Cuisine with strong local identity

Additionally, Thung Nham ecological tourism area offers delicious dishes like Thung Nham shrimp paste, crispy rice, and Nhệch fish salad. These are all must-try specialties when visiting.

Unique Souvenirs from Thung Nham

When visiting Thung Nham, Ninh Binh, you’ll find numerous excellent options for gifts for your loved ones and friends. Some standout specialties include crispy rice, aromatic Nho Quan wine, flavorful Yen Mac fermented pork, and high-quality Gia Vien shrimp paste. Each gift carries the distinctive taste of Ninh Binh, sure to delight the recipients.

Perfect Accommodation Choices at Thung Nham

When visiting Thung Nham, you don't have to worry about accommodation, as the area offers a range of services to cater to tourists. Here are some nearby hotels recommended by BDATrip:

  • The Vancouver Hotel: Located at No. 1, Alley 75, Luong Van Tuy Street, Ninh Binh city center, The Vancouver Hotel offers rooms priced between 700,000 to 1,200,000 VND. This hotel provides excellent service, full amenities, and is close to many tourist attractions.
  • Lang Viet Co Hotel: Situated in Ninh Hai, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, Lang Viet Co Hotel has room rates from 450,000 to 750,000 VND. This luxurious hotel offers complete amenities and a comfortable stay.
  • Tam Coc Homestay: Located in Kha Thang hamlet, Ninh Luong, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, Tam Coc Homestay offers rooms starting from 300,000 VND. This homestay is known for its clean and cozy environment, perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat.
Comfortable and convenient resort location right in Thung Nham
Comfortable and convenient resort location right in Thung Nham

Travel Tips for Visiting Thung Nham

To ensure a safe and enjoyable trip, here are some tips:

  • Check the weather forecast: To maximize your sightseeing and experiences, always check the weather forecast before you go.
  • Bring water and snacks: Pack water and light snacks to keep your energy up throughout your visit.
  • Carry essential items: Don’t forget insect repellent, hats, or umbrellas to prepare for changing weather conditions.
  • Bring a Thung Nham map: To easily navigate and find attractions quickly, bring a map of the Thung Nham ecological tourism area.
  • Choose dining options wisely: Food within the Thung Nham dining area can be pricey. Consider eating outside the park or bringing your own food to save costs.
  • Park your vehicle safely: If you’re traveling by motorbike, park it at the designated parking area in the Thung Nham bird garden to ensure its safety.

We hope these tips will help you have a perfect and memorable trip to Thung Nham.

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