Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


By accessing and/or using the Website https://bdatrip.com (the “Website”), you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use set forth. the following and other terms and conditions relating to the Site, including but not limited to the terms and conditions of privacy and FAQs, which constitute an inseparable form. of these Terms of Use ("Terms").

We may change, amend, supplement, and remove these Terms at any time without prior notice. By continuing to use this Website after such changes to the Terms have been made, the visitor, user, or Registered User ("you" or "User") agrees and accepts those changes.



Through the Website, BDATrip offers an online tool platform where you can browse for different airlines, and/or accommodation and temporary accommodation (if available), and make reservations. ("Service"). The User may order on the Site the services provided by hotels, airlines, and/or any other service providers ("Providers"). By issuing a reservation through the Website, you may reserve aircraft, hotel rooms, or other services on our Website. We will send an order confirmation via email confirmation. We reserve the right to decline your booking as set forth below.

We do not endorse and do not guarantee that all information provided is accurate, complete, appropriate, or current, and we are not responsible for any errors (including layout and typo errors), problems (whether due to temporary and/or local damage, repair or upgrade to the Site or other reason), inaccuracies, mistakes or false information deviation or inability to transfer information. This includes all information on our Website or other platforms that relates to aircraft type, seat plans, seat distances, inflight entertainment systems, and WiFi, or any other information regarding in-flight amenities.

There are changes in market conditions or circumstances that may result in changes in a short time that make the information provided inaccurate or current. In the event of any problems, customer service can contact you to assist and answer your questions.

This Site makes no representations and does not make any recommendations or suggestions as to the level of service quality or ratings on the Providers listed on the Site. We expressly disclaim any claim, loss, or liability for the quality or condition of the Vendor existing listed on the Website (providing airline, hotel, or other services. other cases). Vendors may be presented in a different form of ranking based on factors including, but not limited to, their reviews, ratings, or other factors. The ratings given are based on automated algorithms that may be updated and changed from time to time, at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right not to accept any User or reservation (or in some cases, cancel confirmation of a booking) at our sole discretion for any reason and without giving. reasons for rejection / denial / cancellation. Reasons for rejecting a User or booking or canceling a booking confirmation may include but are not limited to violation of these Terms, commercial or economic sanctions by regulatory authorities. global or national rights, embargoes, prohibitions, fraud or theft (or has an indication or suspicion of fraud or theft), suspicion of criminal activity, a booking with a sign of possibility suspicion, service is unavailable or Vendor no longer provides, User provides inaccurate information, false or misleading information, communication problems, information, electronic card transactions Applications, inappropriate behavior, threats, insults, refusal to provide information, actual obstacles, difficulty or malfunction in communication, Real Error (described below), money history of violation of these Terms or is denied, or on any "blacklist" or "watch list" of governments or international organizations. In the event of a booking denied or canceled by BDATrip and the payment has been made, BDATrip will refund the amount paid at no additional charge. We may remove or remove (“Removed”) membership of this Website User at any time, either temporarily or permanently. Removed Users are prohibited from attempting to use the Website under any other name or through another User (described below in the Fraud Prevention Mechanism policy).

In specific cases, we may cancel or reject a reservation for "Real Error", regardless of the source of the error. For the avoidance of doubt, a Real Error is an error on the Site (eg in terms of pricing) that no ordinary person deems appropriate or meaningful in business. The paid amount will be refunded at no additional charge in such an event.



By making a reservation, booking, or making a reservation through the Website, you accept and agree to the relevant Vendors' terms and conditions, including cancellation and other policies. / or is absent, or for specific requests, you may make to Vendor. BDATrip is not responsible for any breach of these terms and conditions that have been agreed upon between the Vendor and the User or based on the specific requests of the User, so please read the Terms and conditions of the Supplier carefully.

In connection with the cancellation of a User's reservation that has been completed, BDATrip may withhold or take a portion of the amount paid to reimburse the costs incurred in connection with the cancellation.



In the event of any special requests regarding the reservation (e.g., a room with easy access to a wheelchair, wheelchair assistance at the time of ticket delivery, name change, date change, earn "frequent flyer" points, or similar), the User may add requests when making a reservation on the Website or contact the Provider directly (if applicable). Requests will be served at the discretion of Vendor and BDATrip, on the basis of availability and other factors.

In the event of the rescheduling (including but not limited to date, time, sector, and/or passenger changes) requested by the user, BDATrip reserves the right to cancel any new bookings pictured. through the reschedule process if the original booking is found to be no longer valid (eg the reservation has been used or refunded).



By displaying specific destinations, BDATrip makes no representations or warranties that arrival at these points is advisable or risk-free and BDATrip accepts no liability for damages or losses that may result from travel to those spots. Under no circumstances will BDATrip be liable for any adverse events occurring during your trip or stay. You are solely responsible for your travel selection, itinerary, and destination, for the entire itinerary. BDATrip is not responsible for any losses incurred when you do not bring necessary documents for travel, such as your passport.

It is your sole responsibility to apply for, maintain, and be ready to present a valid and valid travel permit or documents necessary for your entry abroad (including, but not limited to, an entry visa or other travel permit, for transit or other purposes) before completing a reservation or booking for your travel in accordance with applicable country laws you depart, arrive, cross or transit. BDATrip has no obligation or responsibility to inform you of travel preparations and necessary permits so that you can make your trip. BDATrip reserves the right to limit its liability in the event of any loss arising from or in connection with your travel permits.



The ratings displayed on the Site are intended to provide information only to the User, and the available ratings are based on information provided by third parties, such as Suppliers, Users, or Other review sites. We do not verify the ratings given and therefore take no responsibility for the accuracy of the current ratings. We, hereby, disclaim any claim, loss, or liability for the ratings displayed on the Site.



We may offer lower rates and/or promotions from time to time. Please note that such lower prices and promotions are related to different conditions and requirements, for example, regarding reservations and refund policies.

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