Exciting Activities at Thung Nham Bird Garden You Can't Miss

Exciting Activities at Thung Nham Bird Garden You Can't Miss

Exciting Activities at Thung Nham Bird Garden You Can't Miss

Thung Nham, Ninh Binh is a beautiful destination with many caves and a rich ecosystem, though it remains relatively unknown to many tourists. If you're looking for a fresh place to immerse yourself in nature when traveling to Ninh Binh, Thung Nham is the perfect choice. Join BDATrip to explore more about this fascinating destination in the following article!

Location of Thung Nham

Thung Nham is located within the Trang An World Heritage complex, an attractive destination with a name that exudes the essence of classical Vietnamese. The name implies a valley surrounded by towering rocks, creating a mesmerizing space that perfectly combines the pristine and majestic beauty of nature.

Thung Nham ecological area with diverse forms of entertainment
Thung Nham ecological area with diverse forms of entertainment

With a vast area of about 300 hectares, Thung Nham is home to over 109 species of plants and 150 species of animals, forming a rich and diverse ecosystem. This tourist area attracts visitors not only with its stunning natural landscapes but also with its exciting ecological activities, making it perfect for weekend getaways or short vacations. Here, visitors can explore the primary forest, visit caves, observe rare birds, and enjoy the fresh and serene atmosphere. Thung Nham is truly an ideal destination for nature lovers seeking new and exciting experiences.

Updated Ticket Prices and Travel Itinerary to Thung Nham, Ninh Binh

The entrance fees at Thung Nham are as follows:

  • Adults: 150,000 VND per ticket.
  • Children from 1m to 1.3m: 100,000 VND per ticket.
  • Children under 1m: Free of charge.

Notably, the ticket price includes boat tours of the bird garden and entry to Hang But, offering a comprehensive experience for visitors. This price also includes 10% VAT, ensuring transparency and convenience for ticket buyers.

It is easy to get to Thung Nham by many routes and means
It is easy to get to Thung Nham by many routes and means

Additionally, Thung Nham has a free entrance policy for visitors aged 80 and above and for disabled individuals, applicable in specific cases. This policy reflects the tourism area's care and support for priority groups, giving them the opportunity to fully explore and enjoy the beauty of Thung Nham.

With clear pricing policies and special offers, Thung Nham promises to bring visitors interesting and memorable experiences in their journey to discover the fascinating nature.

Thung Nham and Must-Visit Attractions

Large Natural Bird Garden

Thung Nham is a pristine and fresh natural environment, perfect for various bird species. Surrounded by majestic limestone mountains, it creates a solid wall protecting the ideal home for thousands of birds.

The Thung Nham Bird Garden is estimated to have up to 5,000 bird nests with 46 different species, many of which are listed in Vietnam's Red Book. Notably, it is home to two rare bird species: the white stork and the hornbill, also known as the Phoenix. Both species have high conservation value and attract the interest of many researchers and nature enthusiasts.

Thung Nham is one of the bird gardens with a large area
Thung Nham is one of the bird gardens with a large area

During the peak breeding season from April to August in the lunar calendar, millions of birds gather in Thung Nham. At dusk, flocks of birds fly back to their nests from the golden rice fields, creating a spectacular and mystical scene. Birds flutter in the sky, flapping their wings in the radiant sunset, presenting a magnificent and beautiful natural setting. This is the ideal time for visitors to Thung Nham to admire the magical beauty of nature and capture memorable moments amidst the peaceful and vibrant surroundings.

Thung Nham is not only an ideal destination for bird watchers but also a place to enjoy the fresh air, explore the wild beauty of the forest, and experience the rich biodiversity. A trip to Thung Nham will undoubtedly leave visitors with lasting impressions and wonderful experiences.

Natural Cave System

In addition to its diverse ecosystem, Thung Nham is also famous for its many magnificent and intriguing natural caves. Here are some prominent natural caves in Thung Nham:

  • Vai Gioi Cave: This is the largest cave in Thung Nham, offering visitors an impressive natural landscape with sparkling stalactites. Although the journey to Vai Gioi Cave is somewhat challenging, its grandeur and mystery are sure not to disappoint visitors. Vai Gioi Cave is not only captivating due to its vast area but also because of its pristine and majestic beauty.
  • Hang But Cave: Hang But Cave lies beneath a turquoise water layer, associated with ancient legends. To visit Hang But Cave, tourists must take a boat on the Ben Dang River with its clear water. At the cave entrance, you'll see a stone statue of a fairy lying on a jade bed, giving the impression of stepping into a fairyland with dragon silk, elephant statues, clusters of flowers, and peach fruits. This mystical and enchanting scene will undoubtedly leave a deep impression.
  • Tien Ca Cave: To explore Tien Ca Cave, visitors will walk along a winding bamboo bridge inside the mountain. This is one of the most beautiful water-crossing caves in Thung Nham, with a landscape resembling an underwater world. Inside the cave, sparkling stalactites and year-round dripping water create a shimmering and mysterious setting. Tien Ca Cave is truly a natural masterpiece that you can't miss when visiting Thung Nham.
Magnificent natural stone cave system at Thung Nham
Magnificent natural stone cave system at Thung Nham

Thung Nham is not only attractive for its stunning natural landscapes but also for its magical and diverse caves. Each cave here has its unique beauty, containing captivating stories and legends. A tour of Thung Nham will provide you with exciting and unforgettable experiences, immersing yourself in the majestic and serene natural surroundings.

Captivating Spiritual Attractions

The Thung Nham eco-tourism area is not only famous for its beautiful natural landscapes but also a significant spiritual site. According to the long-standing tradition of the Vietnamese people, temples and pagodas are often built in locations with beautiful landscapes and favorable feng shui energy, and Thung Nham is a perfect example of this.

Thung Nham is located in a special position, surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Hoa Lu primary forest at the back and Tien Lake with its calm, emerald green water at the front. This prime location is like a blooming lotus in the valley, considered a sacred and holy place, attracting deities to reside.

In the spiritual area of Thung Nham, the locals combine the worship of the Mother Goddess with the worship of the Quý Minh deity. Additionally, they also honor the Đức Thánh Việt Vương, a talented general from the Đinh dynasty. Over the decades, this area has become an important cultural and spiritual center, contributing to the rich spiritual life of the Nham village community.

The moving banyan tree is one of the spiritual highlights of interest
The moving banyan tree is one of the spiritual highlights of interest

Apart from temples and shrines, Thung Nham also features a miraculous 1000-year-old banyan tree known as the "Moving Banyan Tree." This tree has moved over 20 meters from its original position. Some theories suggest that this movement is due to the growth of its secondary roots. When these secondary roots grow and anchor into the ground, they form new supports for the trunk. Once these new supports are stable enough, the banyan tree moves in the direction of these supports, creating a unique and fascinating natural phenomenon.

Thung Nham is not only a place where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty but also a destination to experience a deep spiritual atmosphere, learn about long-standing cultural traditions, and discover the wonders of nature. A trip to Thung Nham will provide you with rich and memorable experiences, blending the majestic natural beauty with profound spiritual values.

Thung Nham Flower Fields Paradise

The flower garden at Thung Nham is a wonderful highlight, sprawling over an area of up to 800 square meters. Here, visitors can admire over 30 different types of flowers, planted and arranged according to the seasons, offering diversity and richness in colors and scents.

The flower hill in the garden is designed into six tiers, each tier planted with a distinct type of flower. The vibrant colors of the flowers intermingle, creating a harmonious and fragrant landscape. At the foot of the hill, a clear blue pond and a long stretch of flowers create a beautiful, shimmering, and enchanting natural painting.

Dreamy flower garden in Thung Nham
Dreamy flower garden in Thung Nham

The flowers at Thung Nham are carefully grown and tended at the tourism area's nursery. A team of 29 experienced agricultural experts is dedicated and attentive to every little detail. They ensure that each type of flower thrives and maintains its fresh beauty, creating a "paradise garden" that attracts many visitors.

The combination of the flower hill landscape, the clear blue pond, and the dedicated care from the expert team has turned Thung Nham into an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful, poetic space to relax and enjoy. The flower garden at Thung Nham is not only a place to admire flowers but also a place to feel the extraordinary beauty of nature, capture unforgettable moments, and fill with emotions.

What Activities Can You Experience at Thung Nham?

Exciting Orchard Experience

Thung Nham Orchard is an attractive destination with a large area of up to 80,000 square meters, divided into many smaller gardens growing various fruit trees such as lychees, persimmons, custard apples, longans, guavas, star fruits, mangoes, and more. Each season of the year, Thung Nham Orchard offers visitors different experiences with fresh fruits.

  • January and February: This is the apple harvest season when ripe, sweet apples are ready to be picked.
  • March and April: The orchard is filled with star apples and ripe papayas, bringing the characteristic cool taste of these fruits.
  • May to July: Summer at Thung Nham is vibrant with lychees, mangoes, and longan, sweet and fragrant tropical fruits.
  • August: As summer continues, persimmons, custard apples, and guavas begin to ripen, waiting for visitors to pick and enjoy.
  • October to the end of the year: This is the bountiful season for oranges and grapefruits, with juicy oranges and sweet grapefruits filling the garden.

When visiting Thung Nham, tourists can pick fruits themselves and enjoy them right in the garden, experiencing a fresh and exciting feeling. If you don't want to pick the fruits yourself, you can also enjoy pre-harvested fruits at rest stops within the tourism area, free of charge.

Experience the feeling of harvesting vegetables yourself
Experience the feeling of harvesting vegetables yourself

Besides fruit trees, Thung Nham also has a large organic vegetable garden, growing many seasonal vegetables like cucumbers, cauliflower, beans, cabbages, and more. With good soil resources and a mild climate, the vegetable garden at Thung Nham is always lush and green throughout the year. The garden's scenery, with various vegetables and herbs, creates a green and attractive space, ideal for those who love exploring agriculture and nature.

Thung Nham Orchard is not only a place to enjoy fresh fruits but also a destination to explore and experience sustainable agriculture. Each visit here will bring tourists interesting experiences, relaxing moments, and a sense of nature's abundance.

Boat Trip to View the "Bird Garden"

The Thung Nham area is a natural paradise with beautiful landscapes, renowned for the diversity of over 40 bird species. Visitors here can rent boats and float on the cool water, observing rare birds like storks, herons, cranes, and geese.

A boat trip on the clear river gives tourists a relaxed, peaceful feeling, away from the noise and stress of daily life. As the boat glides smoothly on the water, visitors have the chance to see flocks of birds flying around, their chirping resonating throughout the space, creating a lively natural symphony.

Boating to admire the scenery in the majestic bird garden
Boating to admire the scenery in the majestic bird garden

The scenery along the riverbanks is adorned with lush green trees, pristine limestone rocks, and colorful wildflowers, adding romance and charm to the trip. Early in the morning or at sunset, the sunlight shines through the thin mist, creating a magical scene, making people pause in awe of nature's miraculous beauty.

Thung Nham is not only an ideal place to watch birds and enjoy nature but also offers unique cultural experiences and local lifestyle. Boating through small canals, visiting riverside villages, and tasting regional specialties will make your trip more complete and memorable.

Relaxing Cycling

Thung Nham is an excellent destination for those who love exploring nature by bicycle, with trails winding through beautiful green forests. You can immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere, enjoying the relaxing feeling of cycling under the shady trees, gazing at the dreamy Tien Lake reflecting the clouds. Cycling through the Thung Nham flower valley, where flowers bloom in vibrant colors, you'll feel like you're immersed in a beautiful sea of flowers, creating an unforgettable experience.

Cycling around Thung Nham not only allows you to admire the natural scenery but also offers a great way to explore the entire tourism area actively and enjoyably. The winding paths through forests, meadows, and lakes will lead you to new perspectives, serene and poetic scenes, helping you deeply appreciate Thung Nham's wild and majestic beauty.

Relaxing cycling in the vast natural sky
Relaxing cycling in the vast natural sky

The bicycle rental prices at Thung Nham are very affordable, suitable for all visitors' needs:

  • Hourly rental: 30,000 VND per hour.
  • Half-day rental: 70,000 VND.
  • Full-day rental: 140,000 VND.
  • Guests staying in private rooms will enjoy free bicycle rental.

Picking Fruits by Yourself

When visiting Thung Nham Orchard, tourists can engage in the delightful activity of picking fruits from the trees and enjoying them on the spot. This is a great opportunity to savor the fresh taste of various fruits directly from the garden. You can eat as much as you like but be mindful not to pick too many to avoid food wastage. This activity is completely free, adding a special highlight to the Thung Nham tour.

If you prefer not to pick the fruits yourself, you can still enjoy the fresh fruits at the rest stops arranged throughout the tourism area. Here, Thung Nham has prepared harvested, cleaned, peeled, and sliced fruits, ready to serve visitors. These rest stops not only provide fresh fruits but also offer a place to relax, enjoy the fresh air, and admire the surrounding beautiful natural scenery.

Besides enjoying fruits, visitors can also appreciate Thung Nham's majestic and wild natural landscape. The small paths along the gardens, shaded walkways, and comfortable resting areas are all designed to provide you with a complete and relaxing experience. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, feel the peace and freshness Thung Nham offers, and create memorable moments with family and friends.

This article has provided visitors with a detailed look at Thung Nham, Ninh Binh. Thung Nham can be seen as a perfect combination of the natural beauty of forests and waters. BDATrip believes you will have wonderful relaxing moments when visiting Thung Nham.

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