A Quick Guide to Ky Co Beach in Quy Nhon

A Quick Guide to Ky Co Beach in Quy Nhon

You would not expect to see a beach like Ky Co outside of the Maldives, let alone in Vietnam. The bright turquoise blue water, golden sand, mountain backdrop as well as its secluded location, and crescent moon shape make Ky Co beach an ideal tropical paradise getaway. 

Guide to Ky Co Beach

How to get to Ky Co Beach

Ky Co Beach is located in the Nhon Ly Island Commune, around 25 km away from Quy Nhon. The closest airport to Ky Co Beach is Phu Cat Airport which is around 30 km from Quy Nhon. You can fly into Phu Cat and take a taxi or bus to Quy Nhon. From Quy Nhon, you can travel to Ky Co Beach by road. It will take around 45-minutes to 1-hour by car or motorbike drive. 

After you reach the Ky Co Beach entrance gate, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee of 100,000 VND per person. After which you can hop on the electric car shuttle which will take you to the beach. You can also take a speedboat from Nhon Ly village. The latter is the more popular method since it provides stunning views of the fishing villages and the sea.

Boats in Ky Co Beach
Boats in Ky Co Beach

Best time to visit Ky Co Beach

The best time to visit Ky Co Beach is during the dry season from March to September where there is little chance of rain to dampen your spirits.

Where to stay in Ky Co Beach

Ky Co Beach and its nearby areas have plenty of accommodation options for all kinds of budgets. Most people prefer to stay in Quy Nhon rather than Ky Co since it has more accommodation options. 

For high-end luxury resorts, there is the FLC Luxury Hotel Quy Nhon, Fleur De Lys Quy Nho, Maia Resort Quy Nhon, etc. For budget travelers, you can try out Life’s a Beach Ky Co or The Hidden Corner. You can book your hotel here.

Sunset from Ky Co Beach
Sunset from Ky Co Beach

What to do in Ky Co Beach

Swimming and snorkeling

The best thing to do in Ky Co Beach is to go swimming. The tranquil water of the sea is perfect even for younger children. Another thing to do here is snorkeling. Just off the coast of Ky Co Beach are colorful corals that you can explore. Snorkeling is a common activity here and you’ll be able to find plenty of restaurants and hotels that organize snorkeling tours.

Try the local cuisine

Anywhere you go in Vietnam, you should always try out the local cuisine. Ky Co Beach is no exception. There is one restaurant on the beach, the Ky Co Beach Restaurant. However, you’ll still be able to find plenty of small restaurants and cafes near the beach selling fresh seafood including the famous Bun cha ca or fishball noodle soup, shrimp pancakes, grilled sea urchins, snails, and more.

Shrimp dish
Shrimp dish

Explore caves

Ky Co beach is home to plenty of caves you can explore on your own without the need for a guide. These caves appear once the tide is low and are home to plenty of marine life. YIt is recommended to explore the caves only when the tide is low enough to walk around. 

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