Hanoi - Quy Nhon - Tuy Hoa 4N3D Fly Vietnamairlines (round trip Hanoi - Quy Nhon - Hanoi)

Hanoi - Quy Nhon - Tuy Hoa 4N3D Fly Vietnamairlines (round trip Hanoi - Quy Nhon - Hanoi)

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Hanoi - Quy Nhon - Tuy Hoa 4N3D Fly Vietnamairlines (round trip Hanoi - Quy Nhon - Hanoi)

Time: 4 days 3 nights / Vehicle: Train; Car 


  • Children from 10 years old and above are the same as adults: 100% tour price
  • Children (5-10 years old): 75% tour price
  • Children (2-4 years old): 50% tour price

Children tour price:

Price list applies. Age will be calculated from the date of birth to the date of departure.

  • Children from 10 years old and above are the same as adults
  • From full 5 to under 10 years old: Standard eat ½ meal, sit 1 car seat, sleep together with parents.
  • From full 2 ​​to under 5 years old: Tour price only includes airfare, insurance, drinking water. If the expenses for meals and sightseeing tickets are incurred, parents will take care of the baby themselves.
  • Under 2 years old: The tour price only includes seats on the plane according to aviation regulations, insurance, and drinking water.


Below is the penalty for tour cancellation according to the company's regulations. We will flexibly handle each specific case as we can.

  • If you cancel the tour after registration and 30 days before departure: the tour deposit fee will be forfeited
  • If you cancel the tour 20-30 days before the departure date: 50% cancellation fee of the tour value.
  • If you cancel the tour 15-20 days before the departure date: 70% cancellation fee of the tour value.
  • If you cancel the tour within 15 days before departure date: 100% cancellation fee of tour value.

Note : Whichever comes first, we will apply that condition.

Conditions for air tickets:

  • Vietnam Airlines: No refund, change of name, change of itinerary, split leg in any case 
  • Flight time may change according to the flight time of Vietnam Airlines.
  • Luggage includes: 12kg hand-carry + 23kg check-in.
  • When traveling by plane, you should bring one of the following documents: (ID card valid for less than 15 years, or passport, birth certificate (for children under 14 years old).
  • For children 14 years old (Requires ID card, if not, must have a certificate of identity according to the form and stamp of the locality of residence).
  • For children not traveling with their parents, they must have a confirmation of authorization from their parents, certified by the local place of residence for the accompanying person, to check-in.

General regulations:

  • If Party A cancels the tour due to refusal to check-in at the airport due to identity / identity papers Our company is not responsible for the above incident. Program costs will not be refunded by us in this case.
  • Due to the nature of the group, if the group has 10 adults or more, the group will depart on the same day. If the group does not have enough 10 guests, Party B will arrange a new departure date and notify Party A 15 working days in advance. In case Party A cannot follow the departure schedule, Party B will refund the deposit to Party A.
  • If Party B does not organize for the delegation to go at the scheduled time due to force majeure reasons such as natural disasters, storms, floods, wars.... Party B will arrange a new departure date, all costs incurred shall be agreed upon by both parties


DAY 01: HANOI - QUY NHON (lunch, dinner)

  • 08h00: Car and tour guide will pick you up at CV Thong Nhat Gate - Tran Nhan Tong Street - Hai Ba Trung District - Hanoi City to Noi Bai Airport, take flight  to go Quy Nhon tour to Quy Nhon
  • 12h30: Arrive at Phu Cat airport, car and local tour guide pick you up for lunch at a restaurant.
  • Return to the city center, on the way back to visit Thien Hung Pagoda , which is considered as the Buddhist temple of Binh Dinh province. You visit, worship Buddha, admire the magnificent temple - the most massive in Binh Dinh
  • 14h00: Staff at 3-star hotel
  • Afternoon:  Pick up the delegation to visit:
  • Ghenh Rang Tien Sa tourist area - Mong Cam slope, Thi Nhan hill, visit Han Mac Tu's grave , Queen's beach. You can listen to explanations about the life and talented career of poet Han Mac Tu. 
  • Twin Towers - a cluster of towers with 02 ancient towers with Cham architecture, located right in the heart of Quy Nhon city.
  • 19h00 Have     dinner at the restaurant, enjoy local cuisine. Overnight at 3 star hotel.

DAY 02 : Quy Nhon - Phu Yen - Quy Nhon (BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DIGHT)

  • In the morning , you will have a buffet breakfast at the hotel.
  • 07h30 Car and tour guide pick you up and depart for Phu Yen to visit places:
  • Ghenh Da Dia - a famous landscape that was ranked as a national historical site and landscape in 1998. Ghenh Da Dia was formed hundreds of millions of years ago today, with a unique topography that is unique in Vietnam. Nam, deserves to be the top scenic spot in Phu Yen and Central Vietnam.
  • Mang Lang Church - an ancient French architecture. Here you can admire the first book of Quoc Ngu script in Vietnam.
  • Nghinh Phong Square : Phu Yen tourist destination is extremely hot and attractive to tourists with its impressive design. The whole work is inspired by the Ganh Da Dia and the legend of our nation's hundred eggs that lay hundreds of children.
  • 11:30 : You come to O Loan Lagoon, one of the large lagoon systems with many fresh seafood. Have lunch at a floating restaurant on O Loan lagoon.
  • In the afternoon , you continue to explore Phu Yen with:
  • Ghenh Ong - A place of harmony between man and majestic nature... captures wonderful moments from the grassy hills to have spectacular scenes between the steppe and the wide sea, the scene that appeared in the movie by director Victo Dance “I See Yellow Flowers on Green Grass” with scenes of children running and flying kites. 
  • Bai Xep - A wonderful, charming and majestic beach with steep rocky mountains reaching out to the big sea, creating the colorful shape of nature. You are free to hunt for photos for a lifetime. Depart for Quy Nhon, relax and swim.
  • Evening group have dinner at the restaurant. After dinner, you are free to visit, stroll around Quy Nhon City Square, or sip a cup of Café with some Trinh music on Quy Nhon beach. Overnight at 3 star hotel.


  • In the morning you have a buffet breakfast at the hotel.
  • 07h30 Car and tour guide depart for Nhon Hai, via:
  • Thi Nai Bridge -  The bridge crosses the sea with a length of nearly 2.5km. You can stop, watch the golden rays sprinkled on Thi Nai Lagoon, hear about the heroic and tragic naval battles between Champa and Dai Viet, between the Tay Son and Nguyen Dynasty (Nguyen Anh). You stop to visit and take souvenir photos of Phuong Mai Sand Dunes.
  • 08h30 Arrive at Nhon Hai pier, get on a canoe to explore:
  • Ky Co Island KDL  ( Tour price does not include the cost of going to Ky Co), with clear water, white sand, experience the feeling of scuba diving to see coral reefs.

Note: the sea weather in Quy Nhon may be unfavorable, the waves are big and windy, Cano cannot depart to Ky Co, we will arrange to go to Ky Co by road, the cost will be updated at the time. notification

  • At noon , the delegation had lunch on the mainland with attractive local seafood.
  • Afternoon  : Car picks you up to visit:
  • Danh Thang Eo Gio - A windy rock all year round. Standing on Eo Gio, looking out into the distance, you admire the vast vast sea, captivated people. Eo Gio, known as the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Vietnam.
  • Tinh Xa Ngoc Hoa -  Admire the twin statue of Quan The Am about 30m high and the place to send the faith of the people of the island commune before going out to sea and pray for their husband and children to always be safe, have a smooth sailing, bring back the good things. The ship is full of fish and shrimp.
  • 16h00 Car and guide take the delegation to the hotel, free to rest, swim.
  • Evening you are free to have dinner (own expense), explore local cuisine: seafood dishes, fish vermicelli, pancakes, pancakes, chicken specialties... Or ride a horse-drawn carriage, sit in a hut performance of ancient hut songs (expenses excluded).
  • Overnight at a 3-star hotel in Quy Nhon.

DAY 04 : Quy Nhon - HANOI (Breakfast, Lunch)

  • In the morning you have a buffet breakfast at the hotel. Check out
    07h30 Delegation to visit Quy Nhon city - The hometown of the hero Quang Tring
  • To Tay Son, you visit the following works:
  • Temple of Tay Son Tam Kiet: Built on the old house of Tay Son brothers, the place to worship 3 Tay Son brothers and generals.
  • Tamarind trees - water wells: Are artifacts attached to the life and family of King Quang Trung from more than 2 centuries ago.
  • Martial Arts Show Drum Battle of Tay Son : You directly watch Binh Dinh martial arts show, see with your own eyes "Dancing whip, go right" 
  • 12h00: Have lunch at the restaurant, enjoy local specialties of Tay Son land
  • 14h00: Pick up the delegation to Phu Cat airport , take flight  back to Hanoi 
    18h00 Arrive at Noi Bai airport, car and tour guide pick you up and return to the city center. Drop off at the pick up point, say goodbye and see you again.
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