Why You Should Opt For A Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Why You Should Opt For A Vietnam Visa On Arrival

People can enter Vietnam through several ports of entry. People who are citizens of over 80 countries can easily avail a Vietnam visa online or upon arrival. Fortunately for travellers, Vietnam now offers tourists visas upon arrival. This type of visa can be availed of with ease simply by furnishing the required documents and following a few simple steps. This article will explain why you should opt for a visa upon arrival when travelling to Vietnam.

It offers a simple visa application process

Unlike most of the traditional visa application procedures, for a Vietnam visa, you would only need to follow three easy steps: 

  • The first is filling out the Vietnam online application. You will have to provide information such as your full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, date of arrival, and the type of visa you wish to avail of. After providing the required information, you will have to pay the service fee online through the various payment options offered on the website. 
  • The second step includes checking your email for the Vietnam visa approval letter. You will need to get a printout of your Vietnam visa letter and your Vietnam visa application, get two passport-sized photos and carry them to the airport along with your original passport. 
  • Finally, you will have to present the documents mentioned above to the immigration officials and pay for the stamping fee, following which you will obtain your visa. The stamping fee will depend on the duration of your stay and the type of visa you opt for. 


Applying for a Vietnam visa upon arrival will save you from going back and forth from the Vietnam Embassy. Additionally, travelling to and fro can be expensive for some. With a visa, upon arrival, you must spend five minutes of your time filling out the application form online. Bonus? You don’t need to travel anywhere to submit your documents. 


Travellers opting for the traditional visa application process must travel to the Vietnam Embassy to submit their documents for processing. Compared to this conventional method, a visa upon arrival is much more cost-effective. Furthermore, with this method, you will not incur additional expenditure to prepare the documents that need to be furnished. 

Hassle-free application procedure

One of the best things about applying for a visa upon arrival is that it is not a demanding procedure. Unlike the traditional approach, travellers are not required to provide proof of their trips, such as a hotel booking, return tickets, or an invitation letter from their employer or business partner in Vietnam. 


One of the most significant drawbacks, we believe, of the traditional visa application process is that the applicants have no other option but to send their original passport to the Vietnam Embassy. For those who do not live near an embassy, this will be a constant source of worry.

Additionally, if the passport were to get lost en route, the applicant would be forced to apply for a new passport, and the length of the visa application will have to be extended. With a visa on arrival, travellers are not required to send their visa anywhere and are only expected to have it on hand at the airport and get their Vietnam visa stamp.

Easy application from any location

Now, with a visa on arrival, all you need to do is fill out the visa application form online and submit the required information anytime and anywhere. 

Getting a visa on arrival with an urgent process 

 If, at any point in time, you require a Vietnam visa urgently, a visa upon arrival makes that possible. Traditionally, you’d have to wait between 2-5 days for a visa approval letter upon arrival. However, in the case of an urgent request, travellers can now avail of it within a working day or, in some cases, within a few operating hours. 

Obtaining a visa upon urgent request is impossible if you were to apply for your Vietnam visa through a Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. Now, you won’t be required to deal with representatives at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate and with lengthy, complicated procedures to avail of your Vietnam visa. Visit our website for more information.

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