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How to Apply For a Vietnam Student Visa

Vietnam is fast emerging as a student-friendly destination. The country is home to various world-class universities and colleges that are great for exchange programs and for higher education. However, in order to be able to study or do an internship in Vietnam, international students are required to have a Vietnam student visa or DH visa. 

Applying for a Vietnam student visa

What is a Vietnam Student Visa?

Vietnam student visa or DH visa is issued to those who are studying or would like to study at an undergraduate or graduate course in Vietnam. 

How to apply for a Vietnam student visa

Before you can apply for a Vietnam student visa you have to be a registered student at a government-recognized university or institution.

Required documents:

The following documents are required to apply for a student visa. 

  • Scanned copy of your passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Two copies of your passport-sized photograph
  • Approval letter or admission letter from the educational institution 
  • Student ID card
  • Copy of education certificates
  • Visa application form
  • A printed copy of proof of payment of application fees

Please note: These documents are to be provided at least 4 weeks in advance.

Steps to apply for a Vietnam student visa:

Step 1: Apply to a Vietnam education institution in Vietnam. After your admission to an educational institute in Vietnam, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance which will take around 30 days maximum.

Step 2: Download the visa form from the Vietnam government website

Step 3: Fill out the form with all the necessary information.

Step 4: Gather all the necessary documents mentioned above, pay the necessary fees, and submit them to the nearest Vietnam embassy or consulate.

Step 5: Once you have submitted all the forms and documents, you will have to wait for the approval which usually takes 7 to 14 working days.  

Step 6: Once your application is approved you can pick up your visa from the embassy or consulate.

Please note: In case there is no Vietnamese Embassy or consulate in your country, you need to inform your university.

Besides the above steps, you can also apply for a Vietnam student visa through another method. Usually, student visas are arranged upon arrival in Vietnam. However, with this method, you can apply for a student visa after entering Vietnam. First, you need to travel to Vietnam on a Vietnam tourist visa, then apply for a change of visa status at the Immigration Office after registering for the course. You can also get a student visa through an agency like BDATrip.

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Why study in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a rapidly developing Southeast Asian country with a rich cultural background, stunning landscapes, amazing food, and friendly people. Making it a great country to soak yourself in the culture of Southeast Asia. Education here is cheap, sometimes as low as 1000 US dollars. The cost of living is even cheaper, around 500 to 700 US dollars. Overall, Vietnam is a good option if you want to study in a vibrant and charming society. Some of the top universities in Vietnam are:

  1. Vietnam National University, Hanoi
  2. Hue University
  3. Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City
  4. Can Tho University
  5. Hanoi Medical University
  6. Bach Khoa University
  7. Ton Duc Thang University
  8. Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  9. Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

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