A Guide to Internet Access and WiFi in Vietnam  Travel

A Guide to Internet Access and WiFi in Vietnam

In Vietnam, you will be able to get internet access in all the big tourist areas. There is no fear of slow internet access if you are in the cities. Out of all the major cities in Vietnam, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang have some of the fastest internet speeds in the country. The internet here is also relatively cheaper compared to other Southeast Asian countries. 

Internet access and Wifi in Vietnam

In this blog, we’ll answer some of the major questions about internet access and Wifi in Vietnam.

Q: Where do we get internet access in Vietnam?

There are three ways you can connect to the internet in Vietnam. The first is through wifi offered in cafes, hotels, and hostels. It is highly likely that your accommodation service will have access to good WiFi. However, in case your accommodation does not offer internet or you are staying in a more remote area, then the second option is for you to use a local SIM card which will give you access to mobile internet. Another way you can get internet access is by visiting an internet cafe. There are plenty of internet cafes around Vietnam, especially in the cities and towns. 

Q: How fast is the internet in Vietnam?

Vietnam has a relatively average internet speed. According to Speedtest Global Index, Vietnam ranked 58th in mobile download speed with an average connection speed of 42.46 Mbps. While for fixed broadband, Vietnam ranked 59th with an average download speed of 78.43 Mbps. 

Among the cities in Vietnam, Danang ranks first for the fastest mobile internet speed with an average download speed of 43.88 Mbps. Followed by Can Tho at 38.41 Mbps, Ho Chi Minh City at 36.55 Mbps, Hanoi at 35.96 Mbps, and Hai Phong at 33.75 Mbps. 

For fixed broadband, Ho Chi Minh City takes the top rank with an average download speed of 75.10 Mbps, followed by Da Nang at 73.86 Mbps, Can Tho at 67.46 Mbps, Hanoi at 65.42 Mbps, and Hai Phong at 61.32 Mbps.

Among the top three internet service providers, VNPT ranked first in terms of download and upload speed, followed by Viettel and FPT.

Q: Who are the major internet providers in Vietnam?

There are three major fixed broadband internet providers in Vietnam- VNPT (Vietnam Post & Telecommunication), Viettel, and FPT Telecom. While the major mobile network providers are Viettel, Vinaphone, and MobiFone.

Q: How much does the internet cost in Vietnam?

Vietnam has one of the cheapest internet services in Asia. The average monthly cost of the internet is only US$11.27 or 260,000 VND. 

VNPT’s basic home internet package starts at 189,000 VND per month for a download speed of 30 Mbps. Viettel's cheapest plan starts at 185,000 VND per month with a download speed of 30 Mbps. The cheapest FPT internet package starts at 185,000 VND per month for a download speed of 22 Mbps.

The cheapest Viettel mobile internet package starts at 100,000 VND per month which gives you 1000 free minutes of calls and 2GB of internet access at 128 kbps. If you want faster internet speed, a 28 days plan with 28GB of data costs 120,000 VND. Vinaphone offers a 2GB per day internet package for 120,000 VND. The cheapest MobiFone mobile internet package costs 70,000 VND for 3.8GB of data.

Q: How do I buy a SIM card in Vietnam?

You can buy a SIM card at the airport the moment you land. All the major mobile network providers sell their SIM cards in the airport. It is quite cheap but if you want cheaper you can buy a SIM card outside the airport at any family mart or grocery store near you or at the telecom office for around 50,000 VND (for SIM card only). You can also get a mobile data package from 5GB up to 30GB of data which will cost between 150,000 – 300,000 VND.

Please note: Make sure your phone is not region locked. Some phones do not allow SIM cards from other countries.

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