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Airport car pick up & transfer booking service on BDATrip

Finding and booking a car to the city center after each flight or booking the car to the airport to catch up with the flight is always one of the most troublesome and time-consuming things on each trip.

BDATrip's airport pickup and transfer service provide you with a variety of options to suit your travel needs, making your trip and arrival complete with no need to worry about waiting for your booking. vehicle after landing as well as flight delays. With just a few simple steps, BDATrip will pick you up right after landing or take you to the airport on time, comfortably and safely at an affordable price.


Why book the airport car pickup & transfer with BDATrip

Wide range of vehicles/models to suit your needs

With a wide range of models from budget to luxury, BDATrip's airport car pick up & transfer service offers you a full range of options. Whether you travel alone or with family or a group of friends. You can still easily find and book a car that suits your needs.

Worries-free, waste of time while waiting for the car

Just reserve the service, BDATrip driver will pick you up as soon as you land or pick you up on time at your desired destination to transfer to the airport. No more worrying about not finding a taxi after landing or finding a car in time for your rush hour flight

Transparent and competitive pricing

When booking an airport shuttle with BDATrip, the cost of the trip is displayed transparently, including all taxes, fees, and tickets. You don't have to worry about incurring additional costs during your trip. BDATrip's airport car pick up & transfer service always ensures the most competitive cost with the best service quality on every trip.


How to book the airport car pick-up and transfer

With BDTrip's airport shuttle service, you can easily find and book the right car for your needs with just a few simple clicks

  • Select location; pick up/drop off time
  • Choose a vehicle/model that suits your traveling needs.
  • Update contact information, flight (for airport pick up service), check and confirm vehicle information; pick up/drop off location; time.
  • Payment of service charges; After you complete your payment, BDATrip will contact you again to confirm the itinerary.

Enjoy a comfortable and comfortable ride with BDATrip's airport car pickup and transfer service.

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