APEC Kite - Brand new check-in point in Da Nang

APEC Kite - Brand new check-in point in Da Nang

APEC Kite is a new and unique architectural project located in Da Nang, attracting tourists with its impressive dome design inspired by kites. This place promises to become a brand new "virtual living" check-in point, bringing a unique experience to visitors when coming to this beautiful coastal city. Let's explore this place with BDATrip!


Located on the banks of the romantic Han River, APEC Kite is a new and unique architectural work that is attracting the attention of many tourists coming to Da Nang. This place promises to become a brand new "virtual living" check-in point, bringing an impressive experience to visitors on their journey to explore this beautiful coastal city.

Panoramic view of APEC kite
Panoramic view of APEC kite

Fanciful shimmering artistic lighting system

In the evening, APEC kites take on a completely different beauty, more brilliant and attractive than ever. The modern artistic lighting system is arranged delicately and harmoniously, creating a magical shimmering effect, making this unique architectural work seem to glow in the heart of Da Nang city. From the stylized dome that simulates a high-flying kite, brilliant strips of light change continuously, creating a mesmerizing light show. The light reflects on the calm water surface of the Han River, creating a sparkling, shimmering, fanciful picture.

At the foot of the Kite, the lush green grass is dotted with gentle rays of light, creating a feeling of calmness and relaxation. The rows of trees are adorned with colorful LED strips, as bright as flowers blooming in the dark.

APEC kite at lights up
APEC kite at lights up

The LED light system is arranged along the walking paths in the park, leading visitors into a magical and poetic space. Fun flashing lights create a vibrant and youthful atmosphere. The brilliant beauty of the APEC Kite at night not only attracts tourists but is also the pride of Da Nang people. The APEC kite has become a new symbol of the city, contributing to the shimmering and magical beauty of Da Nang at night. Standing in front of the APEC Kite at night, visitors seem to be lost in another world, a world full of color and light. The brilliant and magical beauty of the APEC Kite will make visitors forever remember the beautiful city of Da Nang.

APEC Sculpture Garden - A convergence of cultures

Besides the impressive dome, APEC Kite also owns the APEC Sculpture Garden with 21 granite sculptures. Each statue represents an APEC member country, expressing the theme "Convergence and Development". The Sculpture Garden is where visitors can learn about the culture and people of countries in the region, while taking beautiful photos with unique works of art.

Architectural highlight

Dome "Kite flying high". Area 790m², crafted from 200 tons of steel. The soft curving design, inspired by a wind-filled kite, symbolizes flying high and reaching far. The artistic lighting system creates a magical shimmering effect at night. The most prominent highlight of the APEC Kite is the soft curving dome with an area of ​​up to 790m². Crafted from 200 tons of steel, the dome is inspired by the image of a wind-filled kite, symbolizing flying high and reaching far. This unique design not only creates impressive aesthetic beauty for the project but also represents the strong development aspirations of Da Nang city.

APEC Sculpture Garden: Symbol of convergence and development

Located on Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, APEC Sculpture Garden is a destination that attracts tourists because of its unique beauty and profound meaning.


Quantity: The statue garden includes 21 granite sculptures, each representing an APEC member country.
Theme: The sculptures revolve around the theme "Convergence and Development", expressing the common desire of APEC countries for a region of peace, stability and prosperity.
Architecture: The statues are arranged on a long curved road, creating a winding, soft feeling like a kite flying high. Next to the sculptures are lush green lawns and rows of shady trees, creating a harmonious and beautiful landscape space.


Cooperation and cohesion: The APEC Sculpture Garden is a symbol of cooperation and cohesion among APEC member countries. Each sculpture is a unique cultural feature of each country, contributing to creating a diverse and colorful picture of the APEC region.
Common development: The Sculpture Garden also represents the common desire of APEC countries for a common development region, working towards a bright future.

Value: Tourist destination: APEC Sculpture Garden is a tourist destination that attracts domestic and foreign tourists because of its unique beauty and profound meaning. Cultural symbol: The Sculpture Garden is a symbol of culture and history in the APEC region, contributing to promoting the image of Da Nang and Vietnam to the world. The APEC Sculpture Garden is a unique and meaningful architectural work, contributing to beautifying Da Nang city and being the pride of the Vietnamese people.

Some other information:

Construction time: APEC Sculpture Garden was built from 2004 to 2006.
Inauguration ceremony: The APEC Sculpture Garden was inaugurated on November 18, 2006, on the occasion of the 14th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum held in Da Nang.
Awards: APEC Sculpture Garden was honored to receive the National Architecture Award in 2007.

Landscape system

The green tree system is arranged harmoniously, alternating between buildings, along the walkways and around the play area. Trees are selected with a variety of types, including shade trees, shrubs and trellis climbers. Some typical trees can be mentioned as: crocodile tree, almond tree, sesame tree, banyan tree, bougainvillea tree, tigon tree... Trees are regularly cared for, ensuring they are always green and create a landscape. spectacular.
Grass is planted alternately between green areas, creating a highlight for the landscape. The lawn is neatly trimmed, creating a clean and airy feeling. Commonly used grasses are Bermuda grass, ginger leaf grass, Japanese velvet grass...
Flower gardens are arranged in central locations, creating a highlight for the landscape. Designed with many vibrant colors, creating a joyful and lively feeling. Commonly used flowers are roses, lilies, carnations, periwinkles...

Experiential activities

Check-in "virtual living":

Take photos with the unique "Kite flying high" dome architecture.
Capture moments with the sculptures in the APEC Sculpture Garden.
Enjoy the poetic landscape along the Han River.

Participate in entertainment activities:

Walking and picnicking in the park grounds.
Participate in sports and cultural activities.
Enjoy cuisine at the restaurant and cafe area.

Benefits of traveling to APEC Kite:

Experience unique architecture, imbued with Vietnamese culture.
Enjoy the green space, relax and immerse yourself in nature.
Participate in diverse entertainment activities, suitable for all ages.
Capture beautiful moments at Da Nang's brand new check-in point.


Address: APEC Park, Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
Ticket price: Free.
Opening hours: 24/7.
Maintain general hygiene and protect environmental landscape.
Take photos carefully, ensure safety.

APEC Kite is a new destination, promising to bring visitors unique and impressive experiences in Da Nang. Come and explore this colorful "kite" to capture the most beautiful moments of your travel journey!

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