Co To island tour 3 days 2 nights

Co To island tour 3 days 2 nights

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Co To Island has two beautiful beaches: Bai Van Chai is located in the west of the island, wild with a curved coastline, smooth, clean and white sand, waves just big enough to play and relax; Hong Van beach is located in the east, the water is calm, rolling like lake water due to Thanh Lan island stretching to block the wind blowing from the sea, soft sand with purple sea water lily flowers.

Notes on buying seafood:

  • In case of buying seafood, it must be stored in a sealed and clean foam box. The driver has the right to refuse to transport if you bring seafood into the car that is not carefully packed.
  • Do not bring any seafood in the cabin. The driver has the right to refuse to transport seafood if you buy too much seafood and there is no space in the trunk.

Other notes:

  • Tour guests (especially tours related to ships, trains, planes...) must bring legal identification (ID card/ID card/Passport). Children under 14 years old must at least bring a birth certificate. Children 14 years of age and older are required to have an ID card or passport.
  • Should bring medicine for stomach upset due to diarrhea, common cold medicine
  • If you are a vegetarian, please bring more vegetarian food to ensure your taste
  • Any service in the tour, if you do not use it, will not be refunded
  • The tour guide has the right to rearrange the order of attractions to suit the conditions of each specific departure date, but still ensure all attractions in the program.

(*) Customer Responsibilities:

  • Customers are solely responsible for their health and chronic diseases (cardiovascular, blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis...), congenital diseases, underlying diseases, HIV AIDS, mental and neurological disorders, pregnant women... are diseases not covered by insurance. When necessary, you must write a commitment about your illness when participating in the tour. The tour organizer is not responsible for cases where you do not declare your illness, declare dishonestly as well as cases outside the travel insurance coverage on the tour.
  • Customers must take care of their own property in all cases and in all places during the trip. The tour organizer is not responsible for the loss of money, valuables, airline tickets, and customer's private property during the trip.



06h00: Car and guide pick you up at the meeting point of the Opera House, depart for Van Don in the direction of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Van Don highway. On the way, the bus will continue to pick up passengers at some fixed points on the journey such as: Hung Yen rest stop (06:45-07:00), V52 Hai Duong (07:15 - 08:00) and you are free to have breakfast here. Continue to welcome guests at Bach Dang bridgehead area in Hai Phong city from 08:30 - 09:00.

11h00: Have lunch at Van Don.

12h00-13h00: You do procedures to board the train to Co To. You have about 90 minutes on the boat to move to Co To, on the way you are free to take pictures with Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan Island...

Note: The train time may be adjusted according to the arrangement of the Port Authority or due to weather factors.

Afternoon: Arrive in Co To town, check in hotel, rest. In the afternoon you are free to:

  • Walking around Co To town, relaxing on the road of love, visiting and taking photos at the Uncle Ho monument.
  • Register with the guide to visit Co To Con island (expenses excluded)
  • Self-sufficient rent a motorbike taxi or tram to visit Co To Lighthouse - like the eyes of the island. From the top of the Lighthouse, you can see the whole landscape around the island with mountains, sea and small islands in the distance.

18:30: Have dinner at the restaurant (Note: on the day of departure, you can also agree to pay an extra cost and ask the guide to organize a BBQ meal, cultural exchange, campfire or go to Karaoke. ...). Evening free to explore Co To town at night. Overnight in Co To.


05h00: Tour guide waits for you to gather at the hotel lobby and get on the car to look for beautiful pictures at Mong Rong rock beach, My bridge, Ong Minh cape because that is the time when the sun has just emerged from the sea. immensity. This is the place with the most magnificent landscape on Co To island.

07h00: Back to the hotel and have breakfast, rest.

08h00: The car takes you to go swimming at Van Chay beach - a beach with a long stretch of fine white sand. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Van Chay beach is the most beautiful beach of Co To island. Guests can participate in activities such as beach soccer, volleyball...

11:30: Lunch at the hotel, rest.

Afternoon: The car continues to take you to Hong Van beach - the most beautiful beach in the North with blue sea and golden sand, far away is Co To island, Thanh Lan island, Hon De. In particular, you will have precious moments of relaxation in Co To Park with exciting games such as: Conquering Ice Mountain, slides, balance, water volleyball, kayaking, brilliant sailing in the water. clear sea water… (parking fee at your own expense)

18h30: Have dinner at the hotel. Evening free fun. Overnight in Co To.


Morning: Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning, you are free to walk around Co To town, buy Co To seafood as a gift with dishes such as one-day squid, tu comedy, blood cockles...

Note: When buying seafood, please close the foam box carefully. All seafood items will be placed under the trunk of the car. You should also consider the amount of seafood you buy because the tour provider, driver or even the tour guide does not bear any responsibility for bulky goods leading to a lack of space or storage. carry your luggage.

08h30: You gather at the hotel to check out, pack up your luggage and prepare to go to the car to board the speedboat back to Van Don port.

11h00: Lunch at the restaurant. After lunch, you continue to get on the bus back to Hanoi. On the way, stop to buy specialty Hai Duong mung bean cake as a gift.

18h00: Car takes you back to Hanoi. End program. Goodbye customers, see you again!

  • 933 Reviews
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