Bui Vien Walking Street - Saigon's entertainment paradise

Bui Vien Walking Street - Saigon's entertainment paradise

Are you looking for a vibrant, lively, and colorful entertainment spot in Saigon? Do you want to experience the atmosphere of a city that never sleeps, where you can socialize and make friends with visitors from all over the world? Join BDATrip to discover Bui Vien Walking Street, where you can have unforgettable experiences in this sleepless street.

"Behind" the Name of Bui Vien Walking Street

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the name "Bui Vien Western Street"? This name originates from Bui Vien, a famous general of the Nguyen Dynasty. Known for defeating the Siamese army (now Thailand) in the late 18th century, Bui Vien was also an outstanding poet and writer, authoring memorable works like "Bui Vien's Poems" and "Bui Vien's Vietnamese Poems."

Bui Vien Walking Street with "sleepless nights"
Bui Vien Walking Street with "sleepless nights"

However, "Bui Vien Western Street" is not the official name but rather a folk nickname. This area is famous as a gathering place for international tourists, especially those from the West. They come here to relax, enjoy the food, and experience the unique culture. Hence, the name "Bui Vien Western Street" was coined to distinguish this area from other streets in Saigon.

Location and How to Get to Bui Vien Street

Located in District 1, the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Bui Vien Western Street is an ideal destination easily accessible by various means of transportation such as motorcycles, cars, buses, taxis, Grab, or bicycles.

From Tan Son Nhat airport, you can take bus number 109 or 152, get off at Pham Ngu Lao bus station and walk for about 5 minutes to Bui Vien Street. For taxis or Grab, just mention Bui Vien Street or nearby intersections like De Tham, Pham Ngu Lao, or Do Quang Dau. With a motorcycle or bicycle, finding Bui Vien Street becomes simple with a map or by asking locals.

Bui Vien Street with crowded food stalls
Bui Vien Street with crowded food stalls

Note that on weekends, Bui Vien Street becomes a pedestrian area, so vehicles are not allowed. You can park at nearby parking lots or at the hotels and guesthouses where you are staying.

What's Interesting on Bui Vien Walking Street, Saigon?

Vibrant Street Art

Bui Vien Walking Street stands out with diverse street art performances, from music, magic, dance, to circus acts, taking place on sidewalks and roadways. These talented artists bring colorful, creative, and continuously appealing performances. Visitors can stop by, enjoy, applaud, or even participate in fun activities. Contributing financially is also a great way to show respect and support for these artists, while also exploring the unique cultural spirit of Saigonese.

Street performances always attract tourists
Street performances always attract tourists

Traditional Games

To explore Vietnamese folk culture, try traditional games at Bui Vien Walking Street. Participate in activities like tug-of-war, shuttlecock kicking, blindfolded goat catching, and jump rope. These games are not only entertaining but also help improve health and teamwork skills. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to make friends and share exciting stories with other players.

Captivating Music Performances

At Bui Vien Street, you will be immersed in a rich and diverse musical space, blending traditional, folk, revolutionary music with vibrant tunes of pop, rock, rap, and EDM. Not only can you enjoy the music, but you also have the chance to showcase your singing talent, whether through fun karaoke sessions or live performances on stage. Let your emotions overflow with applause and enthusiastic cheers from the audience, while connecting with like-minded music souls. Bui Vien is not just a walking street, but also a lively music stage, where every passion flourishes.

Bui Vien shines under sparkling lights
Bui Vien shines under sparkling lights

The Sleepless Street: Where Emotions Soar

What's fun on Bui Vien Western Street? That's the question many tourists ask when coming to this street. From lively bars, pubs, clubs, to karaoke rooms, spas, and massage parlors, Bui Vien offers a diverse world of entertainment, suitable for all tastes and requirements. Here, you can immerse yourself in vibrant dances, sing along with cheerful songs, or simply relax with a drink in hand, enjoying premium beauty services. Bui Vien Western Street is also a cultural exchange hub, where you can make new friends and immerse yourself in the lively, vibrant atmosphere.

Saigon-Style Cuisine at Bui Vien Walking Street

What to Eat at Bui Vien Western Street?

When wandering on Bui Vien Western Street, you will be immersed in a diverse and exciting food paradise such as:

- Street BBQ: An irresistible experience. Choose from a rich menu including meats, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms... You can grill on charcoal or gas yourself, or enjoy the skillful preparation by restaurant staff. Combined with bread, noodles, rice, or fresh vegetables and a variety of sauces, each BBQ dish is a flavor feast. Found at BBQ Lua, BBQ 5ku, BBQ 37...

- Bui Vien Snails: A true Saigon specialty. Try various types of snails like sea snails, mud creepers, and more, prepared in diverse styles from grilled with green onion to sautéed with butter and garlic, steamed with lemongrass and ginger... Don't forget to pair them with bread or fresh vegetables and fish sauce. Discover at Oc Dao, Oc Thao, Oc Oanh...

- Bui Vien Beer: A refined drink not to be missed. Enjoy everything from bottled, canned, draft, to imported beers. Feel refreshed and relaxed in the atmosphere of Bia Hoi 102, Saigon Fresh Beer, German Draft Beer, or at bars, pubs, and clubs like Crazy Buffalo, Go2 Bar, Sahara Beer Club. A perfect way to enjoy time with friends and socialize.

- Fruit Smoothies: Cool, nutritious drinks. Experiment with flavor combinations from mango, pineapple, strawberry, orange, lemon, avocado, durian, banana, yogurt... Each smoothie is a unique experience. Found at Sinh To Ba Nam, Sinh To Ba Tam, Sinh To Ba Sau...

- Street Food Stalls: The ideal stop for those who love snacks. Discover rice paper salad, grilled rice paper, steamed buns, sandwiches, pancakes, mini pancakes, flan, sweet soup, ice cream... Overflowing with street flavors, affordable prices, a unique culture not to be missed.

Chinese-style space at Bui Vien
Chinese-style space at Bui Vien


On the bustling Bui Vien Street, not only is the food tantalizing but also an abundance of delicious, cool drinks, sure to please any beverage enthusiast. From fragrant milk tea to rich coffee, from fresh fruit juices to creative cocktails, unique wines, and cold beers - everything is available here. Explore famous places like Gong Cha Milk Tea, Old Town Coffee, Ba Tam Juice, Ba Nam Cocktail, Ba Sau Liquor...

Bui Vien Beer is a highlight not to be missed
Bui Vien Beer is a highlight not to be missed

A special drink you should try when visiting Bui Vien Walking Street is snake wine. This is a type of liquor infused with snakes, known for health benefits, enhancing vitality, and curing various ailments. You can find snake wine at some stalls, like Ruou Ran Ba Tu, Ruou Ran Ba Chin, Ruou Ran Ba Muoi...

Accommodation Near Bui Vien Western Street

When looking for accommodation near the bustling Bui Vien area, consider the following options for a comfortable and convenient experience:

- Ngoc Linh Hotel: A cozy 2-star option located at 283/21 Pham Ngu Lao, just about 200m from Bui Vien. With 20 modernly equipped rooms from air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, to bathtubs, wifi, Ngoc Linh Hotel ensures maximum comfort. Additionally, laundry, ticket booking, and motorbike rental services are readily available. Reasonably priced, from 200,000 to 400,000 VND/night.

- Bui Vien Hotel: Situated right at 205 Bui Vien, this 3-star hotel offers a modern and luxurious space. With 40 rooms featuring balconies overlooking the bustling street, you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of Bui Vien. Highlights include a restaurant, bar, meeting room, gym, spa. Room rates range from 500,000 to 1,000,000 VND/night, suitable for those who prefer comfort and luxury.

- Bich Duyen Hotel: A warm family hotel located at alley 283/4 Pham Ngu Lao, about 300m from Bui Vien. With 12 rooms, each decorated simply and warmly, and with airy windows, Bich Duyen feels like home. Services include free breakfast, airport shuttle, bicycle rental. Affordable prices, only from 150,000 to 300,000 VND/night, an ideal choice for travelers seeking warmth and simplicity.

The restaurant on Bui Vien walking street is uniquely decorated
The restaurant on Bui Vien walking street is uniquely decorated

Travel Guide to Bui Vien Western Street

To enjoy an interesting and safe trip at Bui Vien Walking Street, here are some indispensable tips:

- Choose light, comfortable clothing without being too revealing. This helps you easily explore without attracting unwanted attention.

- Avoid carrying large amounts of money, valuable items, and always keep your bag, wallet, phone in a safe place, out of reach of thieves.

- Before leaving a restaurant, don't forget to check the bill and change, as well as your personal belongings to ensure there are no mistakes or oversights.

- Respect the culture, customs, and laws of the place you visit to avoid conflicts or legal troubles.

Bui Vien Walking Street is an attractive and worth-experiencing tourist destination when you come to Saigon. You will have fun, interesting, and unforgettable moments on this sleepless street. Plan your visit now!

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