Moc Chau - While Glass Bridge 2 Days 1 Night (3-Star Hotel)

Moc Chau - While Glass Bridge 2 Days 1 Night (3-Star Hotel)

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Duration: 2 days 1 night / Transportation:  Car/ Departure: Daily


  • Discover the cultural beauty of the Thai and H'Mong ethnic groups...
  • Explore the cool Moc Chau Plateau all year round with gentle charm
  • Take pictures with the heart tea hill, one of the most beautiful and attractive tea hills in Vietnam
  • Discover the Pine Forest of Ang village, which is like a miniature Da Lat in the heart of Moc Chau
  • Dreamy Dai Yem Waterfall in the middle of nature
  • Experience and take pictures of Moc Chau with fruit seasons all year round
  • Enjoy a variety of local cuisines

Children (read carefully to understand children's standards):

  • Children from 1-4 years old are free of charge (parents take care of all expenses for children, do not occupy seats in the car). 02 adults can only be accompanied by 01 child for free, from the second child, 75% of the tour price (standard as charged children).

If 01 adult comes with 01 child from 1-4 years old , the child must buy 50% of the adult tour price (enjoy a separate seat on the car, 1/2 adult meal and other services such as children pay 75%). Tour price).

  • Children from 5-9 years old are charged 75% of the tour price (separate meals, seats in private cars but must share a bed with parents). 02 charged children also do not have their own standard bed.
  • Children 10 years and older are counted as adults.

You should note:

  • You must bring: legal identification (ID card or Passport)
  • You should bring: insect repellent, common cold medicine or medicines prescribed separately by your doctor.
  • If you are a vegetarian, please bring more vegetarian food to ensure your taste
  • Any service in the tour, if you do not use it, will not be refunded
  • The tour guide has the right to rearrange the order of attractions to suit the conditions of each specific departure date, but still ensure all attractions in the program.
  • In case there are 6 or less passengers on the departure day, the driver can act as a guide. These are experienced drivers who know the route and local culture.
  • As a mountain tour, often small cars, so it is recommended that you do not bring bulky, oversized and do not carry a lot of luggage. Should bring backpacks instead of carrying hard suitcases.
  • There are options to sleep at a homestay to increase the experience with the mountain tour. It is recommended that you bring personal items to use when staying at the Homestay (if necessary).

(*) Customer Responsibilities:

  • Customers are solely responsible for their health and chronic diseases (cardiovascular, blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis...), congenital diseases, underlying diseases, HIV AIDS, mental and neurological disorders, pregnant women... are diseases not covered by insurance. When necessary, you must write a commitment about your illness when participating in the tour. The tour organizer is not responsible for cases where you do not declare your illness, declare dishonestly as well as cases outside the scope of travel insurance on the tour.
  • Customers must take care of their own property in all cases and in all places during the trip. The tour organizer is not responsible for the loss of money, valuables, airline tickets, and personal property of customers during the trip.



06h15- 0 6h3 0 : Car and guide pick you up at Hanoi Opera House then move to pick you up at Gate 1 of the National Convention Center . On the way, the car stops at a local restaurant for you to have breakfast and rest on your own.

09h30 : Stop on Thung Khe Pass Windy to take pictures and admire the majestic mountains and forests of Hoa Binh.

12h00: Arrive in Moc Chau, have lunch at the restaurant .

Afternoon : Tour guide will take you to visit:

  • Dai Yem - A waterfall, although small, has a charming beauty. Legend has it that this waterfall is the girl's bib to save the boy from the flood.

You buy tickets to visit Love Glass Bridge - the first glass bridge in Vietnam.

  • Next, the car took the group to Muong Sang. Here, you are free to choose one of two famous attractions : Happy Land or the longest Bach Long Glass Bridge in the world.

Happy land flower garden - Happy land has an area of nearly 5 hectares, located in the middle of a large valley in Lon village, Muong Sang commune. Coming here, visitors will be greeted by flower beds grown from many different flowers, including typical flowers of the Northwest region.

Bach Long Glass Bridge is spanned over two mountains with a distance of 285m , 2.4m wide with huge 2.4m x 3m glass panels. Apply 9D effect technology with 60 simulated visual and sound effects to create a sense of ; Glass Skywalk continues the 370m -long running bridge on the cliffs (150m deep). There are 02 protruding points 3m wide and 5m long with a panoramic view of the resort for customers to take pictures to check in.

  • Pine forest in Ang village - a miniature Da Lat in the heart of Moc Chau. Coming here, visitors can enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere, mingle with the nature and human culture here.

6:30 p.m .: Back to the restaurant for dinner . After dinner, the car will take you back to the hotel to check in and rest. Evening you are free to explore Moc Chau at night. Overnight in Moc Chau.


06:15 : _ You check out and get in the car to have breakfast at the restaurant.

07h00: The car starts to take you to visit:

  • Heart Tea Hill , perhaps this is not only the most beautiful tea hill of Moc Chau Plateau, but also the most beautiful tea hill of Vietnam because of the round and winding green tea beds as far as the eye can see. Romantic and peaceful. This is also the raw material area to produce the famous brand, which is Oolong tea.
  • Na Ka plum valley with wild and novel landscape. Especially in the season of pure white plum blossoms or in the autumn when the fruit is ripe, it seems that Na Ka puts on her beautiful and wonderful clothes (Note: Na Ka is only entered during the plum blossom season or when picking flowers). fruit, when it is not the flower or fruit season, the guide will spend a longer time on other attractions).
  • Stop at the center to introduce and sell featured products in Moc Chau, especially products from pure fresh cow's milk produced in this highland land. You are free to shop for gifts for yourself, friends and family.
  • Moc Chau fruit seasons: Depending on the time, the guide will take you to take pictures with the typical flower gardens and orchards of Moc Chau. Surely you will be surprised and impressed by these vibrant and attractive beauties (Note: how these gardens and gardens are completely depends on the weather and people's planting plans) .
  • Fresh peach blossom season on the occasion of the Lunar New Year every year.
  • Vast season of white cabbage on the hills before and after the Lunar New Year
  • The buckwheat flower season is bustling from about September to December
  • Strawberry picking season in winter months and some different times
  • And a variety of local specialties spread throughout the year

10 h 0 0: You continue to get on the bus back to Hanoi. On the way back, the car stopped on the S-shaped road with attractive beauty (one of the famous check-in points in Van Ho). Note: Because the S-shaped road is located on the National Highway 6 axis with a lot of traffic passing through. The car will only stop in the conditions that the driver and tour guide think can ensure the safety of the group. In case it is not possible to stop, the car will slow down for the guide to introduce and you can see the road from the car.

1 2 h 0 0: Lunch at the restaurant. After lunch, you continue to return to Hanoi. On the way back, stop to rest at Ba Vi dairy specialty to buy things as gifts for friends and relatives.

19h00: Car takes you to Hanoi. End program. See you later!

  • 564 Reviews
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