Long Island: The Living European Castle Legend in Saigon

Long Island: The Living European Castle Legend in Saigon

Are you looking for an ideal travel destination to experience the ancient, luxurious, and romantic atmosphere of Europe? No need to go far, join BDATrip to Long Island Castle, a unique and attractive film studio in District 9, Saigon.

Long Island Castle and What You Need to Know

The year 2018 witnessed the birth of Long Island Castle, a creation by the visionary entrepreneur Nguyen Van Long, quickly becoming a distinctive symbol of art and architecture in Saigon. With a significant investment of billions of Vietnamese dong, Nguyen turned the dream of a unique and magnificent art oasis into reality. The castle serves not only as an impressive film studio complex but also as a lively museum, displaying a wide range of valuable artworks - from paintings and sculptures to ceramics, bronze, glass, and woodcrafts, all meticulously selected from around the world.

Long Island Castle is like an ancient European castle
Long Island Castle is like an ancient European castle

Remarkably, the castle has become a leading center for culture, art, and education, attracting a large number of artists, writers, journalists, researchers, and students. They come not only to admire the unique architectural and artistic beauty of the castle but also to engage in exchange activities, learning, and sharing knowledge, enriching the cultural and educational heritage of the community.

Getting to Long Island Castle

Long Island Castle is located on Nguyen Xien Street in Long Thanh My Ward, District 9, Saigon, easily accessible by various means of transport:

- Motorbike: From Hanoi Highway, turn onto Nguyen Xien Street and travel about 3 km to reach the castle. Motorcycle parking is available for a fee of 10,000 VND per bike.

- Car: Follow the same route as motorcycles, with parking available for cars at a fee of 20,000 VND per vehicle.

- Bus: You can take routes number 50, 52, 68, 86, and 150 to reach the castle.

What's Interesting at Long Island Film Studio?

Enjoy Yourself at Long Island

Long Island Castle opens up a wonderful space for all ages to enjoy genuine entertainment and relaxation moments. It offers two swimming pool options, one indoor for those who prefer a private and quiet space, and an outdoor pool for a lively atmosphere, ideal for gatherings and fun.

The dining and drinking experience at the castle is no less rich, with bars, coffee shops, and wine cellars providing a range of options from creative coffee to selected wines, ensuring to satisfy all tastes.

Every corner brings a poetic, fairy-like look
Every corner brings a poetic, fairy-like look

Not just a relaxation destination, it is also an entertainment paradise with activities like table tennis, billiards, and intellectual games like chess, bringing joy and challenge to all age groups.

For those who love physical activities, a modern gym with full equipment is available, whether indoors or outdoors, along with a lush garden for yoga or meditation, beside canals, fish ponds, and horse stables, offering a wonderful relaxation feeling.

Especially, the castle takes pride in its art museum, displaying valuable artworks like paintings, sculptures, ceramics, bronzes, glass, and wooden items collected from around the world, each piece telling a unique cultural and historical story, enriching the exploration experience for each visitor.

A Romantic Space for Wedding Photos

Long Island Castle, in the heart of Saigon, opens up a paradise space where every corner and space exudes romantic, noble beauty, promising to turn your wedding photos into art pieces. This place offers a unique combination of architectural styles from nostalgic to modern, from vibrant youth to unique artistry, creating an ideal backdrop for memorable love moments.

The splendor inside the castle
The splendor inside the castle

Explore the diversity of landscapes and architecture at castle: from towering buildings, intricately carved pillars, dreamy spiral staircases, luxurious marble walls, to inspirational art pieces and classical-style interiors. In addition, outdoor spaces like the lush garden, sparkling swimming pool under the sunlight, serene canals, peaceful fish ponds, and rustic horse stables all together create a poetic scene, easily transporting you and your loved one back to the elegant beauty of classic love stories.

Admission Prices for Photo Shooting at District 9 Film Studio

To experience and capture moments at Long Island, entrance fees are set as follows:

- Individual ticket: 150,000 VND per guest.

- Wedding photo group: 2,500,000 VND for each group of up to 7 people.

- Families using professional cameras: The price is 1,500,000 VND for outdoor photography, and 2,000,000 VND for indoor photography.

Not only is the castle poetic, but it is equally large
Not only is the castle poetic, but it is equally large

What to Eat When Visiting Long Island Castle?

After exploring Long Island Castle, you can visit nearby dining spots to enjoy local specialties and recharge:

- Newdays Japanese Matcha Cafe: A cozy cafe specializing in Japanese matcha, from matcha latte to matcha cheesecake, priced from 37,000 to 60,000 VND. Located at Vincom Plaza Le Van Viet, about 5km from the castle, this place promises an interesting experience for matcha fans.

- Rosemory Steak & Cafe: A European cuisine restaurant highlighting a variety of steaks and other Western dishes like pizza and pasta, with prices ranging from 19,000 to 79,000 VND. Situated on 7A Street, Residential Area Nhân Phú, about 6km from the castle, Rosemory is an ideal choice for a delicious dinner.

- Buffet Béo: A buffet spot offering a variety of dishes from Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cuisines, with prices ranging from 75,000 to 99,000 VND. Located on Tăng Nhơn Phú Street, about 7km from the castle, Buffet Béo invites you to enjoy unlimited flavors.

- Domino's Pizza: The international pizza brand provides a diverse menu from hot pizzas to fried chicken and fries, with prices ranging from 25,000 to 90,000 VND. Situated on Lê Văn Việt Street, about 8km from the castle, Domino's Pizza is the perfect destination for pizza lovers.

There are also many attractive dining destinations around Long Island
There are also many attractive dining destinations around Long Island

Accommodation Near Long Island

When planning a trip to Long Island, don’t miss the opportunity to explore unique and diverse lodging options:

- Amazing Island Resort: An oasis of greenery amid nature, ideal for the whole family. With activities ranging from relaxing at the swimming pool, water park, to watching movies and enjoying cuisine at the restaurant or café, this resort is sure to satisfy. Located in Phú Diễn commune, about 10km from Long Island, Amazing Island Resort is an ideal stopover to enjoy the green and peaceful space.

- Tomodachi Lang Mit: Immersing yourself in the peaceful and poetic countryside atmosphere, combined with Japanese architecture, Tomodachi Làng Mít is a must-visit for those who love tranquility and want to experience agricultural life, local cuisine. The resort is located in Đại Đồng commune, about 40km from Long Island, offering the chance to visit fruit gardens, fish ponds in a traditional space.

- Rosemory Steak & Cafe: An ideal place for cozy meals with a European cuisine menu, especially delicious steaks. Here, from 19,000 VND to 79,000 VND, you can enjoy salads, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, burgers... The restaurant, located on 7A Street, Residential Area Nhân Phú, about 6km from Long Island, is a perfect choice to explore rich flavors.

Easily find the ideal vacation spot around the castle
Easily find the ideal vacation spot around the castle

Visit Long Island Castle and the nearby lodging spots for exciting and unforgettable experiences.

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