Ho Chi Minh - Mien Tay - Can Tho - Soc Trang - Bac Lieu - Ca Mau - Dat Mui - 4N3D

Ho Chi Minh - Mien Tay - Can Tho - Soc Trang - Bac Lieu - Ca Mau - Dat Mui - 4N3D

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Ho Chi Minh - Mien Tay - Can Tho - Soc Trang - Bac Lieu - Ca Mau - Dat Mui - 4N3D

Time: 4N3D / Vehicle: Car / Departure: daily

Child ticket price

  • Children from2-4 years old are free (parents take care of all expenses for children, do not occupy seats in the car). 02 adults can only be accompanied by 01 child for free, from the 2nd child, 50% of the tour price (standard as charged children).
  • Children from 5-11 years old: 2.195.000
  • Children 12 years and older are counted as adults: 4.390.000
  • If children are taller than the box office regulations, parents will pay for themselves.
  • Single room surcharge: 1.300.000


Day 1 - HO CHI MINH CITY - CAN THO - CON SON (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  • Our car and guide pick you up, depart for the West along Trung Luong highway to see the rice fields and green gardens on both sides of the road. 
  • Arriving at Co Bac wharf (Can Tho) , you take a boat across the river to visit Con Son community tourism cluster - a unique community tourism village in the heart of the city with special experiences:
  • Visit the cage fish farming model : a place to preserve rare fish species on the gentle Hau River. Enjoy products made from beaded fish slices . In particular, you can also admire the "archer fish" with your own eyes and experience the interesting "foot massage with scaly fish".
  • Enjoy a family meal together - each family has a delicious dish with a typical "flying menu" only in Con Son .
  • Experience learning how to knit a hammock : the traditional craft is slowly fading away but is still preserved here. In particular, enjoy the Western cake (the first prize of the delicious cake in the South 2015).
  • Like being back to childhood from the experience of making folk cakes (jackfruit leaf cake / banh cuon) through the enthusiastic presentation of simple artisans. 
  • Watch the "fish actors" perform the special "Flying Snakehead" and "Chicken Catfish". Enjoy clean guava grown in home garden and butterfly pea flower tea is very good for health.
  • Return to Can Tho city, continue to visit: 
  • Temple of Hung Kings: built in the image of Ngoc Lu bronze drum, surrounded by 18 bows with carved patterns, symbolizing the 18 Hung Kings. Surrounding the main temple are 54 cylindrical columns, representing 54 ethnic groups. The main pavilion of the temple is the place to worship the National Ancestor Hung Vuong, Patriarch Lac Long Quan, Mother Au Co, Lac Hau, Lac General ( Note: visitors to visit or offer incense at the Temple must dress modestly, polite, suitable for a dignified place of worship, the temple is closed every Monday for maintenance.)
  • After having dinner in the city. Can Tho, you are free to walk around the city at night to discover "Tay Do" shimmering colors: sightseeing Can Tho bridge at night; Check-in Bridge of Love - S-shaped winding design with two lotuses and colorful led lights system; Take photos at the ancient Ong Pagoda ; Explore Ninh Kieu night market and Can Tho mural street in the past and present - recreating the cultural beauty of Can Tho people in particular, the Mekong Delta in general.
  • Overnight in Can Tho.

Day 2 - Can Tho - Floating only the tooth - Bac Lieu - Ca Mau (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • Check out and depart for Ninh Kieu Wharf, get on a boat cruise on Can Tho river, listen to introduction about Can Tho Freshwater Seafood Market ; experience Cai Rang Floating Market - a typical form of market at the crossroads of the Mekong Delta, the floating market gathers hundreds of boats and boats, creating a place to buy, sell and trade fruits and specialties busy on the river. Cai Rang Floating Market has been recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • Depart for Bac Lieu, visit:
  • Bac Lieu Prince's House : designed by a French engineer in 1919, this was considered the most prestigious villa in the Southern Continent at that time. The delegation heard about the golden anecdote of Ba Huy - who was known as "The Prince of Bac Lieu".
  • After lunch, depart for Ca Mau. On the way, the delegation stopped to visit Tac Say Church - The resting place of Father Truong Buu Diep is well known for his devotion, this place is associated with touching stories about the life of Father Truong Buu. Chlorophyll. 
  • Arriving in Ca Mau, the group visited Lam Vien on May 19 with a bird garden in the city and a memorial to President Ho Chi Minh. 
  • Overnight in Ca Mau.

Day 3 - Ca Mau - Dat Moi - Bac Lieu - Wind Power Field (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  • Check out and depart for Dat Mui , move by canoe through the mangrove forest, explore the world's second largest mangrove forest with a diverse ecosystem, wild beauty and fresh air.
  • At Dat Mui, the tour group conquered the Dat Mui Flagpole - Modeled after the Hanoi flagpole architecture, affirming the nation's territorial sovereignty, sticking to the North and the South as one house. From the 41 m high platform, visitors can enjoy the alluvial ground, the majestic beauty of the immense mangrove forest and the immense east sea.
  • You have lunch at Sunset community tourist area with local specialties such as mudskippers, clams... Here, you can experience wearing Ba Ba shirt, beanie hat and bandana. experience activities such as dinghy sailing, fishing on the square, going to the monkey bridge... 
  • Depart for Bac Lieu, visit:
  • Xiem Can Pagoda : with splendid golden color and meticulous design with bold Khmer imprints of the South. In addition, you can also listen to the introduction of Theravada Buddhism and the beauty of Khmer architecture and culture. 
  • Wind Power Field : admire the beauty of giant wind turbines over 80 m high standing against the blue sky with the meaning of creating an endless source of clean energy on the sea surface, minimizing the impact of the greenhouse effect. glasses… 
  • Overnight in Bac Lieu.

Day 4 - BAC LIEU - SOC TRANG - TP. HO CHI MINH CITY (Breakfast, Lunch)

  • After breakfast, you visit:
  • Hung Vuong Square: the image of a stylized pliers (18.6 m high) an indispensable instrument in the Cai luong Don ca tai tu, a cultural symbol of Bac Lieu province. 
  • The Southern Don Ca Tai Tu art memorial area and the late musician Cao Van Lau : an overview of the life and career of the late musician Cao Van Lau, recognizing the merits and honoring great contributions. His great work for the art of Don ca tai tu in the South and the creator of the immortal Da Co Hoai Lang.
  • Depart for Soc Trang , visit two famous temples: 
  • Sa Lon Pagoda : also known as "Chen Kieu Pagoda" because it shows the unique culture of the Khmer people and creative design from thousands of pieces of cups covered on the temple's architectural works.
  • Wat Pătum Wongsa Som Rong : a large Buddhist architectural complex, including many works such as the main hall, the beautiful "thousands of people" stupa like Arun temple in Thailand. In particular, the majestic statue of Shakyamuni Buddha entering nirvana with a length of 63 meters ...
  • The group returned to the city. Ho Chi Minh City, end the program at the original pick up point.
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